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When talking about draft beer, Micro Matic
is the top choice to provide you with the best solutions. Not only that, but they also offer an amazing customer service that listens to your needs. Available globally, this enterprise offers quality products that will let you to ultimately get the best out of every sip of beer, wine or water.

Join us to learn more about their top-notch
equipment and finally make your decision to add one – or all of them – to your
shopping list. Let’s get started!

How do beer tap systems work?

Depending on the draft beer system you pick, you’ll get a highly engineered piece of equipment that will certainly take your beer-game to the next level. Most of them work with an especially designed dispensing system that starts with a CO2 or Nitrogen tanks, that pass through the keg, and goes on to the tap. However, at Micro Matic Inc. they’ve managed to create draft beer towers with a stylized appearance that also work with much more efficiency than regular towers.

Those systems paired with their personalized assistance from trained professionals make their services the best in a highly competitive market!


Born in Odense, in Denmark, this company has had “humble origins”. They started with their project in 1953, not knowing that they would soon become one of the most dominant companies in the draft beer and draft systems market. However, they’ve managed to keep making advancements and innovations in their field, allowing them to become a highly renowned conglomerate and to be a global company in the early 90s and 2000s.

Paired with their substantial growth from 2000 until 2010, they decided to focus fully into the business of beverages. They are nowadays one of the most awarded and known companies to become a gamechanger in the world of beer, wine, and other delicious beverages that are definitely improved by their systems.

And the most important part is that they keep offering all their wisdom and knowledge to make your home-bar, your club, or your pub offer only the best quality in beverages. Thanks, Micro Matic!

What they sell

At their stores, you’ll find just about everything you need to make your home-bar, pub, club, or any other establishment the top offer on high-end draft beer, wine or more. Starting with gauges, trigger taps, faucets, and completely designed Kegerators that not only will serve the best beer, but also look beautifully stylized while doing so. Other crucial parts like cooling systems, gas pressure components, icemakers, moving units, and even the most perfect cleaning solutions like chemicals and automatic glass washers for your bar setup. Plus, you can do all the changes you want to reach high-end performance and efficiency within your budget’s limits.

They also offer complete installation services and integrated bar solutions, provided by highly trained professionals that can share some advice for you to start your project correctly from the beginning. Micro Matic can help you keep every single detail on point!

micro Matic beer tap
Photo by Evan Dvorkin on Unsplash

Quality First.

If you’re planning to get started with a new business or if you’re trying to upgrade your current setup, check out everything that Micro Matic has to offer. Get the real professionals to help you and take your draft beer, wine, and water to the next level of quality.



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Jason Masson

22 just out of college and love to find new and interesting drinking spots. My favourite bar is the next one I visit.

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