Victoria, Australia

Melbourne Nightlife

Melbourne is known as the trendy city of Australia which brings us unique bars and clubs. Melbourne has lots of creative places, but it also has lots of classic pubs and taverns with some modern upgrades.

Melbourne is a large city which means there are several different areas for nightlife around the city. Fitzroy is one of the top spots for bars. If you are looking for a nightclub head to the CBD. St Kilda is another hip spot for cool bars and clubs. There are too many options in Melbourne so we recommend taking more than couple of days when visiting!

Some of our Favourites

crowne casino bars

Casino and Cocktails

Everyone is obsessed with Crown casino. We sort of understand it its pretty cool. But we think the cocktails in the bars around the casino are first class.

Melbourne happy hours

Best Happy Hours

With loads of competition brings, great happy hours and deals. You will find the really good ones in the outer pubs and taverns. But most will be food an drink deals.

Vip life melbourne

VIP Baby

Melbourne is a large spread out city. Instead of catching an uber from Geelong or Frankston, grab one of the luxurious limos on offer.

Naught Casino 024 1

Naught Distillery- world class gin

Naught Distilling                                                World Class Gin On Trend Naught Distilling BarAdvisor had a chance to talk to Chris Cameron, the founder of Naught gins to

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