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BarAdvisor Launching Soon

BarAdvisor Update 15/03/2021 Just Weeks Away From Launch! BarAdvisor APP is ready and about to launch! Adelaide, SA, Australia will be the first to see the new site and APP. We have watched our industry get devastated over the last 12 months with many bars and clubs yet to re-open their doors. To date we have removed over 2000 bars that have closed permanently. These are very sad times for many families and businesses all over the world, hopefully things will return to normal soon. Covid also took it’s toll on BarAdvisor financially and technically. But we do need to get back to business and BarAdvisor will finally be launched for people to find

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BarAdvisor Growing Fast

Press Release 01/05/2022 Bar Advisor Network Continues Accelerated Growth Reaching under 200k world ranking in 5 months. Now competition with some long-standing brands within the space! Adelaide, May. 15, 2022 –BarAdvisor moving up the ranks! BarAdvisor has made it under the 200k mark for website world rankings in just 5 months. BarAdvisor saw a massive 89% decrease in traffic due to Covid19 after its launch in late 2019. Putting marketing and lots of projects and upgrades on hold awaiting the post-Covid new normal. At the start of 2022, we were optimistic that the world was calming down and the fear of going to your local was easing. Stepping up our content in the first

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bad Reviews

BarAdvisor Moving Away From Reviews

Press Release 08/09/2022 BarAdvisor moving away from Negativity. No more negative, fake reviews or Karen’s on BarAdvisor. Adelaide, Sep. 08, 2022 –BarAdvisor recently announced it will be moving to a new platform using Blockchain technology to move the nightlife industry into the WEB3 world.  The new platform is based around a social rewards system which will reward users for input on the platform. Users will not be rewarded for negative or bad reviews, this has been a tough decision as this area of directories can make them more profitable, to encourage upgrades and extras. “Do you really care if Karen had a bad experiance” said Marcus Newark,  founder of the BarAdvisor.   Positive focus:

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BarAdvisor Blockchain Upgrade

BarAdvisor Backing Blockchain

Press Release 02/03/2022 BarAdvisor Backing Blockchain “Blockchain is the future! Just not in volatile crypto currencies.” Marcus Newark, Founder BarAdvisor Adelaide, March 2, 2022 –Australian Start-Up BarAdvisor will be moving into the Crypto space with a range of blockchain products to support the billion-dollar nightlife industry.  BarAdvisor is developing a new social peer-to-peer platform in 2022 that will change the nightlife industry forever. BarAdvisor Upgrade   With Patents pending on a range of smart contract link structures, the billion-dollar nightlife industry could just be the tip of the iceberg for more manageable business smart contracts.    BarAdvisors’ new platform will integrate Utility tokens, POW currency, Social Rewards, data collection, intelligent tracking, and monitoring, plus provide

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baradvisor app free download

Bar Advisor APP Launch

Press Release 02/12/2021 Download PDF Bar Advisor Launches 100% Free APP No need to sign up or login to use. Free promotion for any business or person within the nightlife space. Adelaide, Dec 2021 – BarAdvisor has just launched Nightlife Network to the App Store and Google Play store. Continuing fast-tracked growth to becoming the ultimate Nightlife Network for locals, tourists, and everyone in-between! Bar Advisor APP is a simple to use APP to find Bars, Clubs, and Events in your area. With listings growing daily the APP will launch with over 16,000 listings covering over 31 countries around the world. If you are looking for a bar, nightclub, happy hour, trivia night, live music, or anything to do with nightlife this

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Promote your bar for free baradvisor

Bar Advisor Nightlife Network Continues Accelerated Growth, Surpasses 15,000 Listings. Press Release 15/05/2019

Press Release 15/05/2019 Download PDF Bar Advisor Network Continues Accelerated Growth, passing 15,000 Listings in Nightlife Directory List your bar or venue on the exclusive nightlife network; get discovered by locals and travelers alike! Adelaide, May. 15, 2019 –BarAdvisor recently announced it now has over 15,000 listings on its exclusive nightlife network, continuing fast-tracked growth to becoming the ultimate bar and nightclub directory for locals, travelers and everyone in between! Bar Advisor search engine allows for a personalized experience. Results can be modified to fit a specific mood. Using  advanced search filters helps to find a pub with a pool table or a venue with live music and craft cocktails. Just search by location,

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