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Common cocktails

  • Martini
  • Manhattan
  • Daiquiri
  • Cosmopolitan

Martini Glass, and the modern side of glasses.

Remember that time when you wanted to look smooth and elegant at your cousin’s wedding? And then you asked for a Martini? And spilled it all over your dancing partner? Yep, that probably was because of the super-efficient shape of the Martini Glass.

The Martini Glass is the worst enemy of clumsy people at galas, parties, and weddings. Although this glass is one of the coolest of all glasses, its design isn’t probably the best one. Why? Because it’s super easy to spill.

In spite of that, it’s actually pretty good for achieving its main purpose; keeping your ice-less, straight up drink cold a lot longer. So, that stem is working great!

Also, it looks astonishing, making you look like Bond material.

It’s often confused with the Cocktail Glass. These do have a difference, even though they look the same sometimes. You can differentiate them because the Cocktail glass is narrower, shorter and more rounded than the Martini Glass.

History and some Martinis.

The Martini Glass was invented in the 19th century, probably in France. It was first introduced in the 20thcentury, in an exhibition of modern art in Paris. It was born as a variation of the Coupe Glass, that’s used to drink Champagne.

Also, it’s mostly used to drink straight up cocktails. These are cold, but don’t contain any ice. So, the longer stem is perfect for maintaining temperature. Because of its wider top, it’s also easier for the drinker to enjoy the aroma of the drink. So, no, it doesn’t just look cool.

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Common uses.

You can use the Martini glass and the Cocktail glass for the same purpose. Some of the drinks that are commonly presented in this glass are the Manhattan, BrandyAlexander, Pisco Sour, Negroni, Cosmopolitan, Gimlet, and of course, the Martini.

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