Man Drops 20Kg on BEER Diet.


Man lost 20KG and has never felt better.

Ohio man drops 20kgs

First of all we at Bar Advisor do not recommend this diet.

But, it sounds pretty damn good!

Ohio man Del Hall dropped 20kg’s just by drinking beer for every meal  and says he has never felt better. The 43-year-old Army veteran told LADbible “I feel like I’m in my 20s,”

Hall, who works for the Fifty West brewing company in Cincinnati said that he didn’t get over beer after drinking 2-5 beers a day.

He told the Today show that he normally just had water in the morning and then his first beer in the afternoon. He also stated that he had filmed the whole process from start to finish and completed a full physical before and after. The results came back to say he was healthier than before.

We assume that this could not continue as a long term diet as there must not be enough nutrients in beer to suit the body, but it was portion controlled fasting diet.

I don’t know if this is going to give the vegan diet a run for its money, but I hope it does.

What do you think

We do not want to tell people this is a good idea or anything, we think it is probably a terrible idea. But it is very interesting and he does look a lot better in the before and after photos. If any one else does try this please let us know.

Once again we do not think this is a good idea if you are going to try it contact a doctor first. A Beer diet sound good but could do lots of damage just like excessive drinking can.

This information was sourced from the original articles at yahoo news and dailymail

Images from Dal Hall Facebook

What do you think

What do you think are you going to try the beer diet?

Do you think this was a genius or silly idea?

Tell us below in the comment section.


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