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Mad Monkey Distillery

BarAdvisor had a chance to talk to Scott McCarthy, the director of Mad Monkey Distillery about their products and distillery itself.

Sticking to traditions

Mad Monkey Distillery is Adelaide’s first dedicated rum distillery, crafting artisanal cane spirit products using traditional methods. From the labeling to the bottles, to the wider branding, Mad Monkey Distillery tries to pay homage to the mischievous and rambunctious history of rum.

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Started from a shared dream

Scott and his business partner Alec McDowall met almost four years ago at a distiller’s conference. By pure chance, they both were dreaming about establishing a rum distillery in South Australia. They remained in touch following the conference and allowed their combined vision to ferment. Eventually, they purchased a hybrid still and located premises in which to house it in the inner North-Western suburbs of Adelaide. After a few global pandemic-related hiccups, production is now in full swing, and they have recently opened a Tasting Room & Yard on-site to share the love of rum with the wider community!

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Changing the way you see rum

Given the aging stipulations surrounding rum in Australia, Mad Monkey currently has 3 product lines of unique unaged cane spirit. They are waiting on the maturation of the dark rum. Available spirits are incredibly unlike each other and showcase the diverse ways in which a cane spirit can be exemplified. Distillers encourage people to try spirits and probably completely change the way they think about rum and its relatives in the future.

The future looks exciting

Mad Monkey distillery is preparing for the release of a fourth product line very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for the drop of that one. Otherwise, they are just counting the days until they can tap the first cask, and the rum starts flowing! 

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