Little Green Panda

With the growing green movement happening around the the world, Little Green Panda is definitely doing their part to help.

Changing one of the smallest – yet highly important factors in plastic pollution, the plastic straw.

Eco Friendly

Little Green Panda Straws

Little Green Panda is a growing company that takes into account not only the opinion of its customers, but the health of our world and it’s  oceans.

They have created an extensive range of plant-based straws, ranging from sugar cane straws to bamboo.

Little green panda bamboo straws
Via Little Green panda

The Straws

This company has created an amazing solution that is not that new, but is definitely revolutionary in our one-use plastic society. They went back in time to bring us the first types of straws ever known to man, plant-based straws.

They offer wheat, sugarcane, and bamboo reusable straws.  All straws are tasteless, biodegradable, and ocean-friendly. 

You can order straws some for your home or bulk deals for your bar or nightclub, prices are surprisingly low. 

Straws are not only good for the environment, but they also look super cool in cocktails! Tiki bars are loving them.

cocktails straws
Via Little Green Panda


With more companies like Little Green Panda who are responsible and Eco-friendly, we are a tiny bit closer to achieve a world free of plastic. So come on and help us to clean our oceans and make Little Green Panda your straw provider!

Check out their listing below and support the little guys that are make the world a cleaner place.

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Jason Masson

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