Liquor Poured Over Naked Breasts Before Bottling. G-Spirits

Liquor Filtered With Boobs

Yes you are reading that right, you can buy vodka, rum or Whisky filtered over a girls naked body.

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(we Think they are Closed Now)

First question, do women reading this would like their liquor filtered over a mans naked body? Answer Below.

So this just steps it up a notch of how messed up the male mind is,  guys have found many ways in the past to combine things they love. Naked girls and bars = strip clubs. Naked Girls and the couch = porn. Naked girls and sports= naked football.

But this is just crazy, “F”ed up.

But is it? So first we have to understand what filtering is to understand if there is anything to this apart from being super perverted.

What is filtering Alcohol? Distilled spirits need to be filtered to catch any unwanted flavors or chemicals. The filtering process can be done many times though different filters, to get what the distiller wants. . Lots of Liquors you want to filter it so it has your unique flavour or texture. Then you can add your unique flavours,  this is how you get some of these very aged tasting rums when they are not aged at all.

Not Filtered.

Ok, so this is not really “filtered” by boobs more like flavoured by boobs. With health regulations I am guessing it is re-filtered after running over the naked body. 

There are companies that filter their vodka though diamonds believing that it adds an unique flovour to the vodka. It  might not be true, but if you drank diamond vodka tomorrow it would probably taste different to Absolute.

***warning video has nudity***

Our Justification

We feel bad justifying this, but there might be a hidden genius behind this product.

It has been proven that we have pheromones (pheromones come from fresh sweat). How pheromones really work is another story.

They say men are attracted to woman’s pheromones. So running the liquor over a naked body would pick up these pheromones, (sort of gross) meaning when you drink the liquor you might enjoy it more.

Interesting isn’t it. This could make a new addictive product. Booze is addictive already now adding another thing men are addicted to could be trouble for some, but profitable for G-spirits.

Elephant in the room

You might think this is sexist, but it is just a business filling a void. The girls are paid to do this and are free to quit whenever they want. If they feel degraded they should quit.

If any women want men to filter their vodka I bet I could find million guys that would do it.

This is a fun, stupid product for people searching something different.

Images from Gspirts FB and website.

Tell us what you think below.


We do not recommend buying this product as we think the company might not be trading any more as we have not been able to communicate with them.


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Liquor Poured Over Naked Breasts Before Bottling. G-Spirits

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