Linking Your Social Feeds

Linking Your Feed

Show Us Your Feeds.

If you haven’t been living under a rock you must know by now that social media is important. Everyone is on social media so your posts don’t have much impact.

Well on Bar Advisor they do!

On your listing you can have your Facebook and Instagram feeds. So when people visit your listing they can see your posts and photos. This will encourage them to like your social, so you can promote direct to your new followers.

Plus if you have posted a event or promo  on Facebook they will see it.

How to Link Your Feeds


This is very easy go to your company Facebook page.

Click and copy the URL It should look something like this.



When you are adding your listing at baradvisor.com/add-listing/

Go to the section that says Show Us Your Feeds find the Facebook Feed ID and click paste

Instagram Feed

Due to changes to Instagrams privacy polices we can no longer support Instagram ID’s.

So you need to add a hashtag # for us to show images for your business.

Make a unique # If you only want to display photos off your Instagram account.

To do this go and edit the images you want to display and add a # like,



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