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Tipping is a hot topic and can create some pretty big arguments. This post is to create a general discussion amongst our readers. We have people who work in bars, people who own bars and people who drink in bars. I feel like we can have a healthy discussion about all the problems and maybe find some solutions to the problems that governments are creating.

Tell us your point of view in the description below, please keep it civil.

Should Tipping Be Banned?

The answer is NO, but we do need to get back the true meaning of tip.  To Insure Promptitude”. We need to get back to a performance based tip, good speedy service gets rewarded. Sadly tipping in the USA is just standard now as part of the bill.

Thinking about tips

Tips are Good for Everyone.

For Employers – It’s no lie that employers benefit from tips. Having a tip based business means they can employee more staff which means better customer service. Good customer service means repeated business. #moremoney

For Employees –  no tips would mean higher wages, higher wages mean less staff. So having tips means they are more likely to have a job. Plus you will always make more via tips then a $15 minimum wage could. #moremoney

For the Customer – Cheap food and good service (most of the time). Removing tips would mean the quality and quantity of servers would go down and food prices would go up to cover the cost of staffing. #moremoney

The ugly word mandatory Tip

We do not agree with most places that mandatory tip, but we have worked in places which do and understand the reasoning behind the mandatory tips.

Tipping in the modern age is technically a charge for the service, the business owner would have to increase the cost of all food by more than 20% to cover the cost of all the servers. This would kill their business. So tips are there to fill the gap.

The mandatory tip is normally put in place in areas where there are tourists, because most tourists do not leave tips as they will never return.

Tipping your waiter
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Performance Based Tipping

We like reward based tipping .This is also how tipping started, it should be based on the quality. Sadly now it is just thought of as “paying their wage” If you don’t pay the 20% you are a bad person, but we would still like to see a comeback of performance based tipping.

How Much Should I Tip A Bartender?

Cash is king

When leaving tips cash is king and you know the server will get it. We have heard many stories of servers that do not get all of the Eftpos tips or in some cases none.
For servers remember lots of countries and states have laws about mangers or owners not being allowed to get any of the tips.
Tipping around the world
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Look at other countries!

If you look at other countries which do not have tips you will notice the price of a meal is a lot more and the quality of service is normally not that fast. Take Australia- the cost of a basic pub meal is twice as much as the same thing in the USA, plus your service in the USA is going to be faster and better in most places.

tip jar
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Strong Believers

We are strong believers in Tipping culture and the positives it has for everyone involved. We feel that most servers and bartenders we talk to agree with us. Customers that we talk to and explain that they will have to pay more if there is no tip, change their minds pretty quick and support tipping culture.

You need to think about all aspects of tipping and understand that removing tips will change everyone’s nightlife experience.

Jason Masson

Jason Masson

22 just out of college and love to find new and interesting drinking spots. My favourite bar is the next one I visit.

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