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Sharing is a great way to get attention, the more you share the more attention.

If you have a cool promo video or amazing photos, please allow us to share them for you.

Please make sure there is something unique about the photo and write a short description. Plus add your hashtags and credits you want in the post.

By sending us photos or videos you agree to allow Bar Advisor to use them on BarAdvisor.com and Bar Advisors social networks. We at Bar Advisor agree not to sell or distribute to any third party.


show off your bar

“A picture is worth 1000 words” The better the photo the more views. Your venue will be tagged in the post so you want it to stand out and make your venue look good. Please only share good images of something unique about your venue. The post will also link to the venues Bar Advisor listing page, so double check everything looks good and up to date.If you have a comment that you want posted with it please share.


“Videos get views”
Videos get views so if you have good videos please share, this will bring attention to your bar or nightclub even if it is just a quick 360, we can use it. Short or long it doesn’t matter but preferably no talking or commentary. If videos are really well done and are very informative about the venue they will also be displayed on our Youtube page.

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