Have a drink with the demons at Le Cercueil, in Brussels.

Have a drink with the demons

Le Cercueil (The Coffin), Brussels

Le Cercueil (The Coffin), Brussels

If you’re into Gothic theme and feel like a drink Le Cercueil (the coffin) bar in Brussels is the best place to go. Le Cercueil has been open for more than forty years and it owes it’s huge success to a gothic theme in their… everything! Le Cercueil surprises with decorations, metal music, lots of skulls, great service and the generally dark atmosphere.

It’s not as bizarre as it sounds- it’s quite a fun place to be. You can also find some interestingly named cocktails like Vampire Blood or Corpse Juice.

This bar is so unique compared to everything else in Brussel’s, even if you are not a goth you are really going to enjoy the friendly (but scary ) atmosphere.

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What are you going to find in

Le Cercueil doesn’t disappoint and surprises you with something new every single time.

After entering follow long, narrow corridor and you’ll find yourself in a dark-place, with great decorations and loud rock & metal music. It might be really dark in the beginning, but once you’re eyes adapt you’ll see comfortable furniture and coffin table. Sit back and enjoy a cocktail served in a skull.

Great staff makes even devil itself feel at home.

If you are heading to Brussels on an holiday or just live there make sure you pop in for a drink and a photo or two. Instagram Worthy bar


Ready for a dark experience?


le cercueil drinks


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