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A handmade Australian whisky with big ambitions. 

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KingLake Distillery

BarAdvisor was lucky enough to talk to spokesperson Chantal Daniels from Kinglake Distillery, to find out more about this Australian-made whiskey.

Truly unique

KingLake whiskey is made from scratch and the whole process from grinding the malt until the new spirit finally fills the barrel happens at KingLake in Yarra Valley. KingLake whiskey is aiming to become the first Australian whisky to be certified Carbon Neutral- that’s huge!

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Started by hard working woman with a vision

Chantal is a 3rd generation Kinglaker and wanted to make a spirit that truly takes on the character of her home. Single malt is perfect for that.

Sam Lowe, the co-founder was inspired by his grandfather who built a family business that lasted generations. She wants to do the same and whisky is definitely about thinking long-term.

Long story short- Kinglake whiskey was born.

What is the process of making whisky?

The foundation of exceptional whisky is water. Kinglake single malt is made from a mountain stream rising on the distillery property. It’s natural, pure, and unfiltered. The richness of the spirit comes from a mix of grains that includes a chocolate stout malt, the lingering smoke comes from malt, heavily-peated on the Scottish borders.

Unique single malt is made from unique beer and as you guessed it- Kinglakes is made on the site. The hefty floral note in the whisky comes from a traditional scotch yeast. Open-top ferments continue for a full week, most sugar is converted the first day but during the resting time, ambient conditions, natural yeasts, and pollens all work to increase the complexity of the beer and the unique Kinglake characteristics of the single malt. Using only one copper pot still for two distillations gives a more savoury, less clean-cut new-make spirit. While most small-scale distillers use electric stills, Kinglake’s is steam-powered which allows working the spirit hotter and faster enhancing its caramel character.

Much Australian single malt is aged in spicy French oak barrels however Kinglake adds additional Highland sweetest to whisky by using barrels still sticky with bourbon from Kentucky.

kingslake australian single malt

Carbon Neutral Future

Kinglake distillery is aiming to become the first Australian whisky to be certified Carbon Neutral. It will mean they manage to offset any carbon footprint created from making and bottling the whiskey.
BarAdvisor is looking forward to Kinglake becoming carbon neutral. So, we can enjoy the whiskey even more and feel good about the environment.

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