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Alcohol Content: 20-21.5%

Kahlua, from Veracruz with love.

Kahlua is heaven. That’s it! See ya guys on our next post… Just kidding, but just the good-bye part, though. It has been described like the second best liquor ever made in Mexico. No, we’re not forgetting that the first one is Tequila. This coffee rum has earned its place inside our bartender’s hearts. Because here atBarAdvisor, we freaking love coffee!

It takes an astonishing seven years to make a precious bottle of Kahlua, and we are sure it’s worth it. It is sweet, because it’s made with rum, sugar, vanilla and a soft Arabica coffee that makes a great work for its flavor. This drink is full of flavor, as well as alcohol; it has 20% alcohol per volume.

Its name comes from Nahuatl, a Veracruz spoken language before of the Spanish conquest. It means “House of the Acolhua people”.

What is Kahlua made from?

Mostly coffee beans, Kahlua contains large amounts of caffeine. Kahlua contains other ingredients like rum, corn syrup, vodka, and sugar. Is Kahlua Gluten Free?  Some say yes, but most people with celiac or gluten sensitivity are advised to avoid. Is Kahlua Vegan? Some are but others are mixed with milk so careful when ordering if on a vegan diet.

*We cannot guarantee that the information above is 100% correct. Brands use different facilities and have different variations of products. IF THERE IS NO CLEAR INFORMATION ON THE PACKAGE ABOUT ALLERGENS


The Story behind Kahlua.

Imagine yourself with a couple friends at a bar, drinking, and talking your way out of consciousness. Out of the sudden, one of your friends says “what happens if we put rum and coffee together?”And then puff! You created Kahlua! This is – sort of – how it happened. It came from an alliance of a businessman called Señor Blanco (don’t even try to say it right) and the Alvarez brothers, who were coffee producers. They put together the two drinks, rum and coffee. Later, Montalvo Lara added some changes to the mix. So, Kahlua was ready for the world to meet it. All of this happened in the 1930s.

It became quite famous in 1955, when one of the most beloved cocktails was created; the White Russian.

That’s how the original Kahlua was created.

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Common uses.

You can make great cocktails with it! The most famous – and delicious – ones are the Black Russian, the White Rusian, the Revolver, the B-52 and the Mudslide. You can also use it in desserts like Tiramisu, which is just like another fallen piece of heaven.

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