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After a big night out you will wake up and reflect. The first big question is “where is my phone” The second is “how did I get so drunk?” We are trying to walk you through why you probably ended up a lot more drunk than expected.

Let us know if you’re way of getting toooo drunk was any different.

Just a couple of beers
Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash

Level 1 - a couple of beers

After work drinks have started, but all you really wanted to do was go home, have a shower and get ready for the weekend, but this new guy at work just wanted to have a beer and asked you to join him. Obviously you can’t say no?

SMS – 7pm – Not having a big one just a beer or two

Level 2 – make it a double

Now you have moved on to a more lively bar you have no idea where your tie is but whatever you have the whole weekend to find it. But this is a cocktail bar i cant get a beer, ok lets get a G and T and  make it a double. It’s ok you cant even taste the alcohol.

SMS – 10pm – na it’s a boring snobby little bar on the east side. leaving sooooon

I dont smoke
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Level 3 – I don’t smoke

You have found yourself in a smoking area talking to people o and smoking. You meet a new group of friends that want to go to a club. Your now on the Rum and Cokes because no one really likes and G and T.

SMS – 11pm – Where are you man?

Level 4 – Did the floor just move

On the way to the club it all feels different know the world is wonderful, you think to yourself wait no it is not. O the alcohol that’s ok i don’t look drunk. The bouncer will never know. You get to the front of the line you have been saving your energy for this one sentence “hey mate had a good night?”  The bouncer approves.

SMS – 11:30pm – Man we are having so much fun you should come out.

i am not drunk
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Level 5 – I am not drunk

See I am not drunk you got let in, no you feel you have to tell everyone. You lose your new friends and “make” some new ones. You need to impress SHOTS

SMS – 1am – Voice message – loud music

Level 6 - Best night ever

This is the stage you feel amazing the music is pumping your the best dancer on the dance floor and your not drunk at all. More shot, Beer, G and T’s anything goes as long as you can keep this feeling and dance all night long.

SMS – 3am – Video message – a head going up and down with bright lights

Bar Closed
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Level 7 – No way

The last call “no way” but your doing so well and want to keep parting. Where can you go you start to ask everyone “lets go somewhere else” everyone one is boring. You grab a couple of shots and beer to skull before get kicked out to make sure you can stay in this moment.

SMS –3:50am Pocket dial phone ringing

Level 8 - I am hungry

I don’t normally eat kebabs at 4am but tonight it sounds amazing. You diside this is the right time to message your friends and tell them how much you love them. Do forget your exs they need to know the truth.

SMS – 5am -I love you man group message

passed out
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Level 9 – Black out

Lots of things can happen here but you cannot be blamed for any of it. Apparently

Level 10 - Regret

So you are now awake at 5pm and you regret every minute of your existence. You promise yourself you are never drinking again. You feel you made an idiot of yourself, but but you lost your phone. So there is no evidence of this yet. 

Jason Masson

Jason Masson

22 just out of college and love to find new and interesting drinking spots. My favourite bar is the next one I visit.

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