Coolest Beer Pong Table Ever, Plus It’s So Cheap

Coolest Beer Bong Table

Plus look at the price, AMAZING!

Infinity Glow Beer Pong with L.E.D Lights.

Beer pong is one of the most sanctified booze-olympics party games that everybody loves and know how to play.

It’s simple, entertaining and gets the vibe of the party started.. As we already know, there are different factors that make this party game the best, but how about taking things to the next level? Infinity Glow Beer Pong table with LED lights is the best way of doing it!


What is Beer Pong?

Beer pong is the most simple yet exciting party game that gets everyone in the mood for the party. The rules are simple; you must bounce a ping-pong ball on the table and land it inside a glass on your enemy’s side. The glass must be filled with your favourite poison – A.k.a booze – and if the ball lands inside, you must drink its content and remove the glass. Isn’t it easy? Well, actually things can get really competitive when you start mixing the game with beer. This is actually a sport in some places where the game is mandatory at any party. Are you ready for some beer pong?

product info and features

The Infinity Glow Ping-Pong Table with LED lights makes everything better. Check out its features:

  • A steel-made frame that’s highly resistant. You can allow your clumsy friend over again without fearing he’ll destroy it!
  • Beautiful infinity mirrors and LED lights with music sensors. They’ll light up whenever the bass drops, keeping up with the hype of the moment
  • Its size is perfect for regulated contests. Yes, because the standards, rules, and regulations must always be respected!
  • It has a remote to handle the customizable LED lights!
  • And finally, it’s easy to take anywhere. It’s foldable and the legs are removable, so you can fit it in the trunk and take it wherever you want!

Also if you order it, you can ask for the name of your establishment (or any name) to be put into the mirrors of the table, so it displays it when it’s lit!

diagram orig black

The ultimate addition to Beer Pong!

Get the Infinity Glow Beer Pong Table with LED Lights and let the party escalate with style. We absolutely love the effect this table can achieve to hype up the party. It features a very complete design that you can take anywhere thanks to its perfect size (which is also regulation size). Its price is also a feature that nobody will be able to beat shortly, at least not with this quality.

Are you ready to take your beer-pong parties to the next level? Get this table and enjoy the party.


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