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draught monitoring solution

Looking for a way of monitoring your draught beer?

Having a bar without monitoring every aspect of it is a real issue that can lead to losing huge amounts of money. The thing is if you don’t identify where the losses are, you might never realize you’re losing money.
How to do it properly without an intrusive method?

Well, Micro Matic Inc. has the perfect solution for you. Thanks to their knowledge in draft beer systems, they’ve managed to engineer the perfect monitoring equipment that’s subtle without missing its accuracy. Increase your profitability and really take advantage of your ROI by adequately measuring every pint of beer you serve with iDraught Virtual Beer Monitoring!

Draft beer tap company?

Micro Matic is an incredible global conglomerate that specializes in the creation of draft beer systems and everything you need to upgrade your home bar, pub, or any other type of establishment. They have all the experience you need since the company started in 1953. Everything you need, they can get it done. Now, it’s not surprising they’ve come up with this amazing idea to find the perfect balance between the quality of their draft beer systems, and the profitability you can achieve. How about thanking them in advance for making you save much more than a penny?


facts of the iDraught Virtual Beer Monitoring.

With iDraught you’ll get the perfect solutions to all of these issues:

·        Missing the right measures (overserving or serving less).

·        Missing cleaning and maintenance schedules. This is achieved by monitoring your equipment’s performance.

·        The wrong temperature of the beer you serve. No more frozen or hot beers.

·        Flow rate. This can be key; a simple change that will help you achieve the perfect foamy beer-head every time!

·        Running out of beer? Never again thanks to email alerts!

·        iDraught achieves all of this without annoying wires attached to your setups.

·        It’s easy to use and comes with the benefit of highly trained professionals to assist when you need it.

You’ll be able to maximize your profit by getting every penny you can out of each keg.  iDraught monitors and ultimately provides your customers with the best beer experience they can get!

Micro Matic's iDraught for the Win!

Stop looking for a method to oversee your draft beer performance! Micro Matic offers the best one with iDraught Virtual Beer monitoring. Maximize your profit, keep your beer dispensing systems at their top performance, and offer the best beer experience to your customers every time!

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