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Some people find the ideas to name their bar just pop into their head and it all works out well. Others have a concept they want to share and the name comes naturally. Some just pick the name of the street and their mother’s maiden name and it will work.

For rest of us the process can be really challenging. When you are opening a bar/club there are so many decisions to be made and the name seems so simple, but remember it has to be perfect.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.”


A lot is in a name,

Quite a lot depends on a name. Naming your bar will possibly be the biggest decision you make.

Location, decor, menus, marketing, personality, staff and the type of people you will attract all depends on a name.

The first name you pick may not be the one you settle with. Having something before you start will help you to move forward. Just make sure you love it before you get it printed on anything.

If you don’t know a name yet, but you have decided on the type of bar you’d like you can get ideas and motivation by the process of elimination.

So we established that name is important so now the questions is how do you come up with it.. Hopefully we might be able to give you some ideas.

Find bar names
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First is Location

Where are you located, what is the history of the area, is it a country town, big city or beach.

Are you going to be on a named road like Broadway, Main street or Frank street.

What happened in that location? Is there any history? History is a great way to give you bar a story and a name. If you are going to be in an old building see if anyone interesting ever lived or worked there.

Maybe Hemingway lived there, that would be a great story and could lead to many names to choose from.


What are your passions, interests, what is your history. You might not want your bar to be so personal, but sometimes bringing your personality into the bar helps you appreciate it more and strive to keep it growing.

If there is a story you want to bring it to the bar. Most bar names need a story behind it for a reason, what is your story?

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What is the Personality or concept of the bar.

What do you want this bar to be about, are you a Goth fan and want to create a dark and mysterious bar or maybe you are a patriot and want to make it a salute to everything good about your country.

As long as you have a rough idea of what you want you can use this to help to find ideas to name your bar.


What food are you serving. This is very important because your name can relate to the country of origin. For example when serving pastas and pizza it could be called Sopranos.

Style, Decor and menus

Think of the colours you want and the layout. Think about your menu-colour, logo, name. Go and look at other bar menus and it might give you some more ideas.

What colours do you see-reds, green, blue. This is not that important, but you might add the colour to your name like Blue Ivy, Or Red Spice.

The No’s and The HARD NO’s

Ok let’s start with the really important, lets establish the things you DO NOT want-sleazy, graphic and perverted are HARD NO’S. even if you are opening a bikie bar with topless waitresses the novelty named bars don’t last long.

Also avoid confusing people if you plan on making burgers and serving beer. Don’t call yourself Kate’s Cocktails.

People like to get an understanding of what the venue is before they walk in. For example if someone was looking for burgers. Kate’s Cocktails would not be their first stop.

Even if you loved that name just add burgers to it. Kate’s Cocktails and Burgers you will then grab the eye of burger people who like cocktails.

Avoid weird words that put people off.

Good name for your bar
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Ok lets find some ideas to name your bar.

Bar Advisor has built a easy to use template to try and give you as meany business names as possible. The more options you have the better the name will be.

Click here to download the template and view the instructions.

Finding that bar name

I hope this gave you some ideas and please share with us your stories and your names.

We would love to know if you used this and if you found it helpful. Please comment below.

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