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Well it is very easy, but there are a lot of features you might not know about.

There is also a lot more then just Bars and Nightclubs.

Check out all the options below.

Bars & Nightclubs

Are you looking for a bar, nightclub, tavern or any place that serves alcohol. Search the bar


Find events that is held at a bar or nightclub in your area.


Do you want to find a certain type of performer. So you can find out where and when they are performing.


Do you want to work in a bar or nightclub find jobs here.

Schools and training

Do you need to improve your skills find schools that teach you how to work behind the bar.

Party Buses, limos, planners

Are you looking to ball it up find a limo or a party bus or find a party planner to make your night huge.

Services and Suppliers

Are you looking to open a bar or nightclub you will probably need some contacts find them here.

Cocktail Recipes

Need a good recipe for tonight look it up here

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Bar & Nightclub Directory

Finding the Right Place,

Here you can find Bars, Nightclubs, Lounge Bars and much more. This directory has thousands of bars from all around the world.

We ask the bars to give as much information as possible, so people can find exactly what they are looking for.

When you search you will be given 3 category options DRINK, DANCE or RELAX.

Once you search you can filter out the perfect spot for you. If you want a place with food, pool tables, wheelchair accessible, valet or plenty more.

Drink - Dance - Relax

The brake down,

DRINK – This is places you would go to Drink and when I say Drink i mean Drink. Sports Bars, Taverns, Pubs, Pool halls. Places you go with your friends to get a bit rowdy.

DANCE – It’s pretty obvious places you go to Dance nightclubs, discos even salsa clubs. If you feel like dancing select this option.

RELAX – When you want to relax you don’t want loud music or rowdy sports fans. Relax at a cocktail lounge or at a nice spot with a view or maybe a pool bar.

Events with DJ playing
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Events Directory

Find a great Night,

Here you can all different types of events from all different bars around the world. This is not just for big events that cost lots to go to.

This Directory lists all types of events from small pub gigs to hour hour deals and event the big New Years Eve events.

Bar Advisor focuses on providing a outlet for bars to promote everything that there bar does.

find local bands
Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash

Bands & Artists

Find someone different,

Ok I dont see Mackelmore or Pink getting a listing on Bar Advisor any time soon, but this is a great way for smaller artists to get noticed and promote them selves and their events.

The great thing is that now artist and musicians have a direct link to bars and nightclub where they play. no managers needed bars and nightclubs can check out the talent in their area and contact them directly.

If your planning a wedding, corporate event this is also a great tool to find the best musician.