How to run the Happiest Happy Hour?

Happy hours are great tools to encourage new business and repeat business

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How to run the Happiest Happy Hour?

Happy Hours are great tools for bars, pubs, and taverns. Not convinced? Check out the reason here!

The thing is that Happy Hours have to be both great for the customers and truly profitable for you. Otherwise, you could be or offering the worst specials, or wasting money like a fool. To avoid both things, here you go with some of the best advises on making the happiest Happy Hour in town!

Think a lot.

The first thing you have to do is squeezing your brains out your nose because of so much thinking! You have to consider:

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1. What you will offer?

Get to the workshop with your chefs and bartenders to create the best offer on drinks and food you can. Try to do it with the things you have plenty of or left-over ingredients that you can adapt into nice cocktails/meals. Of course, try not to end up offering weird stuff like a milkshake with cocoa, spinach, lemon juice, and tequila. Just common sense, people!

2. When you will offer it

When choosing the time for applying the happiest happy hour ever made, decide what the best time in your area is for your market. Example if you are in the city what time do most people finish work 5:30pm make your drinks happy hour start at 6pm. Dinner time is at 7pm hopefully they stay for dinner.

3. Variety

Some people are actually more attracted to quality. This is why, instead of offering just low-priced medium-quality drinks, (never pair a low price with low quality) you can offer other variations of the same specials with better ingredients for a bit more money. Every bit of money will make a difference in the final results!

4. How low can you go

You have to know the boundaries on how low the price for drinks and food can go. You can’t give away stuff. Think of reasonable low prices for the win! Plus think about where you want to make the money back. Do you want them to stay for dinner. Do you want them to stay for live music and drink more.

5. Pay attention to details.

Just like we always say, details matter! You have to pay attention to the feedback from your customers. Do they like the specials? Is the price fair? That way you can know how attractive are the deals, and if you need to change them. 

Also, play the accountant every time you make the Happiest Happy Hour. What you want to achieve is a balance between the number of sales and the income each sale generates. Always look at the final result, your overall profit. If it’s going up, stick with it! If it’s not, hit the brakes because you’re wasting money.

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6. Patience.

Results will come but remember word needs to spread and people need to get in a habit of going to your happy hour. You don’t want to get people interested and than take it away. If you feel the price point was wrong don’t remove the happy hour modify it.

If you start a happy hour you need to stick with it for a bit

7. Happiest Happy Hours

We have a lot more information about running happy hours and other things that could help improve your business.

Check them out Here

Also if you have some ideas and are interested in sharing them contact us.

Good luck and cheers!

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Jason Masson

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