How To Make Gin At Home

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What do you need to make gin?

Gin is becoming more and more popular. These days people seem to be more interested in making their spirits, craft beers, and wine. Thankfully, making gin is fairly easy. By no means, BarAdvisor is not recommending anyone to start distilling at home. We are just going to have a look at what products you need if you are interested in distilling.

What is in gin?

Gin is made using clear, neutral spirits made from distilling grains such as rye, barley, wheat, or corn. Gin is made on the same base as vodka, except it is distilled with juniper berries or other botanicals.

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1.Trulystep 10L-100L DIY Home Distiller

Brew pot is needed when trying to distill spirits. Trulystep comes in different sizes and is a good pick for anyone who wants to give distilling a go.

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2. 5L Copper Boiler Still

We love this 5L Copper still mainly because it looks awesome. It is stylish, and a great addition to any home distillery. Is this going to be the best for making lots of gin, hell no. But you can play around with super small batch until you are confident.

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3. Botanicals

This infusion kit is a great buy, if you don’t feel like growing your botanicals. It comes with 12 interesting spices, place mixing bottles to experiment with, and is a great addition for someone who is just starting.

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4. Hydrometer

Elite hydrometer is needed when testing to see if fermentation process is finished. It looks good, and comes in a protective case.

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