How To Prevent Hangovers! 5 Ways To Prevent Hangovers.

Don't Want A Hangover?

Warning! None of this is based on science, it is more just stories, rumors and personal experiences.

Prevent Hangovers

Well, best idea would be to probably not drink… ha-ha like that’s going to happen. There are couple of ways to prevent/soften hangovers, but remember a lot depends on your body, diet and about million other things. Most of listed options are just opinions and have not been proven in any way so keep an open mind and hopefully these tricks will help you.

Prevent hangovers

1. Go One For One

The simplest and easiest way to prevent a hangover is to drink lots of water while drinking. This not only dilutes the alcohol, but it keeps you from getting dehydrated. This has sort of been proven, but it all depends on what you drink and how much you drink.

Pizza prevents hangovers

2. Fill Yourself Up

Having a full stomach is a great way to absorb alcohol plus it makes you full so you do not drink as quickly. Lots of people believe pizza is the best way to prevent hangovers. Other alternative options are milk, nuts or even pickle juice. People have also recommended eating asparagus and cauliflower. Give it a go and see what works best for you.

pills fo hangover

3. Take Drugs

Not those type of drugs….we are talking about legal drugs (the type you buy at a chemist). There are more and more companies out there making hangover prevention drugs like

Check out a list here of Drugs To Stop Hangovers.

There are plenty out there, but remember recommend taking any drugs unless you consult your doctor.

Prevent hangovers with vodka

4. Drink Vodka

Sounds crazy right, but there is a reason why lots of people in northern Europe and Russia are obsessed with vodka. Vodka does not usually have nasty toxins in it. It is not just the alcohol in the drinks that make you hungover, it might also be the additive.

Drinks like whiskey, cognac and tequila are high in congeners. Congeners in simple terms are just chemicals/ drugs which are used to make different drinks which cause hangovers. For example bourbon whiskey and red wine are high in Congeners. Unfortunately well loved bubbles (champagne and soda mixers) are proven to increase the effects of hangovers.

Stop smoking to stop hangovers

5. Skip The Smokes

According to a study published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. Smoking increases the severity of the hangover.

In general we all know that smoking has plenty of bad side effects, so why not to quit at all?

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