How much does a beer cost around the world

Want to know what a Beer costs in a Bar in Island? Have a look at the map above. Wall Street Journal has created a great list of the average cost of beer in supermarkets and bars in 75 different cities in the world. Just click on the pin above to see how much Beer is in different countries.

Why does beer cost different prices around the world, there are a million different reasons sorry this is not a economics class. We can tell you that prices range from $2.58 all the way up to $10.77 that’s a pretty crazy difference.

5 of the most expensive places to have a beer in a bar.

Spending the night out in these ten places might send you broke. Plus remember the more expensive the beer the mixed drinks are going to set you back and arm and a leg. Also these are averages so once you hit the clubs after the cover change, you wont be buying the next round.

Hong Kong - $10.86

This is a confusing one as the average working in Hong Kong only earns $4.44USD an hour. So how are they the most expensive.

Geneva Switzerland - $10.77

That is wright double the hourly wage in some states in the US. imagine working 2 hours just to pay for a beer. If you are traveling to Geneva you will notices everything is more expensive. Hotels are $$

The reason for this is the average wage in Geneva is just under $100,000USD per year.

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel - $9.53

Not a place you would expect the beer in a bar would be more expensive than London. But Tel Aviv- Yafo is just expensive overall for a holiday orto live. It has been listed in the top 10 most expensive cities many times.

Geneva Switzerland - $10.77

This is a confusing one as the average working in Hong Kong only earns $4.44USD an hour. So how are they the most expensive.

New York and Miami - $8.97

The whole east cost of USA can get pretty expensive when going out. New York was always going to be up the top of this list. But this is not to say you can not find plenty of places in NYC that have cheap beers, it is just there are many high end bars that increase the average. But we felt that Washington DC was more expansive than Miami. Miami is expensive if you are at hotel bars on South beach but the city is quiet cheap.

Abu Dhabi - $8.14

This just comes down to the fact of supply and demand. They do not drink in Abu Dhabi so there is not enough supply to bring the cost down.

Cheapest places to drink
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5 cheapest places to have a beer in a bar

Planning your next holiday? Make sure you factor in how much a beer costs, alcohol cost can have a dramatic impact on the overall cost of your holiday. If you have 2 beers a day for 10 days. If you are in a place that charged $10 a beer, you will spend $200 for 20 Beers. Compare that to $40 in a country that charges $2 a beer.

Bratislava - $2.22

Sitting down in old town and putting back a couple of $2 beers sounds like a great plan. But this average is a bit untrue you will find pretty quick that the nice touristy bars change a little more for a beer. But still very cheap compared to other country tourist areas. But just on the out skirts of the old town you will find plenty on $1 euro beers.

Delhi - $2.31

Domestic beer in Delhi is cheap about four times cheaper than premium imports. This comes down to Supply and demand. There are nearly 20million people living in Delhi. With so many people, a low average wage and good competition has driven prices down

Kyiv, Ukraine - $2.36

The cost of everything in Kyiv is low so domestic beer is low too. Some have said that the domestic beer used to be really good but now most are not worth the very little money for a pint.  Import beer is not that much more and they have great imports for other European countries so you can spend a little more if you want.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - $2.58

Bag for buck, sunny beaches beautiful hotel and great service. Plus the 3rd cheapest beer when your at a bar. Asia has a lot of unique domestic beers and Vietnam get most of them. Competition is strong and the prices come down. Plus you can pay in USD in most bars.

Kraków, Poland- $2.70

If you are in Poland you are probably not drinking beer in a bar anyway. Not saying they dont have beer they are just big on their vodka and cocktails. This might be way beer is cheap or the fact they have some great cheap domestic that makes the imports drop in price too.

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