Hooters; girls, food, and drinks.

Hooters; girls, food, and drinks.

The renown place with very juicy food and beautiful gals.

girls, food, and drinks.

The renown place with very juicy food and beautiful gals is known for just that, that place is drinking haven! At Hooters, you might go for their delicious food at first, but once you get settled, you’ll be amazed by the quality and variety of their bar.

Hooters was created in 1983 (35 years ago, wow) in Florida, U.S.A. They got famous immediately because of the beauty of their Hooter Girls, that are actually required to be beautiful just to work there! They have also incurred into several types of business, like Airlines and even Hospitality with their Hooters Casino and Hotel, not to mention their support for sports and charity. Sauces, seasoning salt and even breading are some of their Foods you can take home, too, as well as their calendars. Always featuring beautiful girls!


Now, it’s not just the surface that matters, right? The stuffing matters, too! And with that, we mean their food and drinks.

In their menu, you’ll find a really (really) long list of delicious meals, ranging from starters to desserts. And of course, the drinks list is quite big as well.  It has a wide variety of beers, whether its draft beer, bottle or even craft beer. They sell a heck of a nice craft beer and also, let’s not forget about the good-ol cocktails and spirits. Once you try their Hootercane or their homemade Blackberry Bliss sangria, there’s no going back.


Everyone loves Hooters.

Know as one of the greatest franchises ever! It combines everything a gentleman may need; food, delicious drinks and the nice company of beautiful girls. Hooters is spread in more than 28 countries, with more than 430 locations. You can relax, eat, drink and watch the game, or maybe just chat with some friends. It’s not actually the best place for a family dinner as it is a “Breastaurant”, but surely you can have one there.

You can also reserve their catering services, and have a blast at your home-parties or reunions. Maybe you can check out some Hooters Girls calendar, too. Check out the nearest Hooters to get the whole experience!


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