Holey Moley Golf Club.

Holey Moley Golf Club.

The best type of Golf Club

Holey Moley Golf Club.

If you’re a mini-golf lover and you’re around Australia, you might know this place, where booze and the best and most imaginative course get together. If you’re into golf, you’re going to love this super colourful and shiny place. The Holey Moley is in eleven locations around the country so you might be lucky to be around one of these. What makes this place different is the access to booze, which of course, makes everything better in so many ways!

You’ll get all your senses messed up for sure, especially with some great beer settling in and with the super colourful decor. It’s also a nice place to sit and have a nice chat with friends, excluding the intimacy that the ambiance totally neglects, not that it’s a bad thing. If you want something else than a beer, you can get a nice cocktail or some wine. If you get hungry while playing, they also have interesting and super colourful food options and some of the best burgers around.  If that’s not enough, you can get some Karaoke action in some of their locations, but don’t forget to bring your tuner!

What is Holey Moley Golf Club? Sort answer, mini golf. Long answer more than just mini golf. Holey Moley is putt putt golf for adults, ok they let kids in too. But the main idea behind it was to create a fun and unique way to spend your night. Instead of just sitting on a bar stool and drinking.

Get some friends, some money and head up to the nearest Holey Moley!

And, we really mean “some money”, as they have surprising prices, because they are surprisingly low! You can even get a nice promotion in some of them, and get a burger and a beer for just 20$. You won’t regret your visit to this grown-up child’s playground!

Also, you can book the whole place to throw some private parties, where there’s even space for the little ones of the family! You can totally bring your kids before 5pm so you can have some really nice time. It’s wise that you book before arriving because of course; the place fills up really quick.

The Holey Moley Golf Club is certainly a nice option for having a blast with your friends and family. There you’ll find a really different mini-golf course, presented in the most animated and intricate way, for you to shine through with your skills or your rookie luck!

Gear up and see ya at the course!


What an amazing place.

Do you know of any other amazing unique places like Holey Moley. Let us know in the coments below.

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