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HG Hemp gin

BarAdvisor had a chance to talk to the founder of Hemp Gin Andrew Kerrigan, to find out more about this one-of-a-kind gin.

The first Australian hemp gin

HG Hemp Gin was the first gin in Australia to use hemp as a key botanical. The brand has its influences in the 1920’s – 30’s Prohibition era. This was a time when cannabis was banned along with alcohol. Even though hemp has no psychoactive ingredients, it was a blanket ban that saw this versatile plant go onto the prohibited list. If you look at the clean lines and angles of the bottle and the distinctive text of the HG, you will see an Art Deco vibe reminiscent of many of the buildings that were built during this time. Think the Empire state building or the Chrysler building in New York, or closer to home some of those old theaters, picture houses and apartment blocks in the inner-city suburbs. Potts Point in Sydney is full of them.

hemp gin small batch sydney

Started as an university assignment

HG Hemp Gin started as a university assignment. The founder Andrew has a passion for innovation and all things new and one of the assignments was to build a business model in an industry of his choosing. Andrew thought it would be fun to investigate the alcohol industry and specifically one of his favourite drinks- gin. This was the end of 2017 and hemp was in the final stages of being added to the food standards code for use in food and drink. Once Andrew became so interested in the world of gin production, he just had to see how far he could take his knowledge. Taking assignment into a real-life business was a passion that grew and grew.

hemp gin gin lane
Smokers Delight – credit Gin Lane Sydney @ginlanesydney

What does hemp gin really taste like?

The Hemp adds a nice savour aspect to the gin. This gives it a unique flavour profile that lingers on the palate. Traditional gins have a big Juniper punch upfront, while HG Hemp Gin is more subtle and adds a rounded flavour, making it suitable as a cocktail mixer or it works well neat over ice for sipping. As the ice melts the flavour profile changes over time, due to the oils of the hemp opening up more. This is noted both in the nose, with a grassier aspect coming to the front and the savoury profile that holds at the side of the mouth and back of the tongue.

What does the future hold?

There is plenty going on and many directions to expand the business. Finding the time is the biggest constraint. As a small independent business just keeping up with all day to day running of the business keeps me busy. From quality control to sales and marketing as well as the financial side – accounts receivable/accounts payable. I even get on with some of the deliveries around Sydney. Having said that, I have a number of areas I’m looking into with the potential for some range extensions – but that’s all I can say on that one for now.  

cocktail with hemp gin
Raspberry coconut delight – credit Del Punto @delpunto

Gin Lane Craft Hemp Cocktails

The Two cocktails Featured are from Gin Lane in Chippendale Sydney.  We at BarAdvisor are definitely excited for such an innovative product and can’t wait to find hemp gin in lots of bars and bottle shops.All of these tips will help you to organize the best bachelorette party for your homegirl. Enjoy safely the last night of singlehood of your best friend!


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