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The Hard Rock Cafe world.

A brand you might recognize for being a rock culture Mecca distributed in different locations around the globe. The brand also occupies an important place at several industries, such as Casinos, Hotels, and restaurants. Hard Rock Cafe was founded in London in 1971, so it’s a 47-year-old brand that has certainly known how to keep its youth intact through the years!

With all the wonderful things they have to offer, you should know that the rock’n’roll never stops at these venues. Ready to keep on rocking?

The Hard Rock Café Bar & Restaurants.

In 1971 in London, England, was born a restaurant, to the hands of Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton, called the Hard Rock Café. This was a casual dining restaurant, certainly the greatest place of the city for chilling and sharing some coffee. The ambiance and the perpetual rock’n’roll going on in the background was an attraction to everyone. Their game changer was the rock’n’roll memorabilia, that they started applying in 1979, thanks to Eric Clapton who donated one of his guitars just to reserve his own table at the place. That was the start of the unstoppable franchise which nowadays has a collection of more than 80,000 souvenirs and rock-related memorabilia. Everyone loves that!

They now have about 185 cafes and restaurants around the world, and most of them have great local reviews. Let’s face it; everyone loves some rock music while smashing through some rocking burger!

The Hard Rock Café Hotels.

Being among the most famous hotel franchises in the world, they just can’t get enough attention! They have a lot to offer in any of their resorts, taking advantage efficiently of their locations. You might find yourself surrounded by a beautiful parade, or in the middle of a building jungle, and you can enjoy your stay thanks to the quality of their service. They offer a lot of premium packages if you’re willing to pay a bit more, but it’s rather less expensive than a lot of luxury hotels out there. And the best part is that it’s definitely worth it!

Hard rock casino
Photo by David Vives on Unsplash

Hard Rock Café Casinos.

Some of the hotels have a Casino on them, because nothing is good enough if it doesn’t include some gambling, right? There are 11 Hard Rock Casinos around the world, being the most impressive one in Atlantic City. This one is located in a strategic place, to show you the beauties of the city, and to show some cards under their sleeves; their architecture! The beautifully designed place takes over the parade with all the luxury you can get from a building.

The Hard Rock Café and beyond.

This brand is the representation of a well-managed enterprise, grossing billions every year, and impressing every customer with their quality. Whether you’re getting a one-night stay in one of their hotels, a casual dinner in one of their restaurants, or just a shirt with that classic logo, you’ll be getting the very best of this company.


Check it out and make sure you keep on rocking!

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