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Sadly happy Hours are getting banned all around the world.

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Be ready for Sad Hours

Unfortunately sad hours are coming our way. Yes, along with the PC culture is the Blame culture. Everyone wants to blame someone or something for their own actions. Now Happy Hours are classified as the reason why people are binge drinking.

Blaming a bar offering cheap drinks, for person getting drunk and getting behind the wheel is quite ridiculous. I guess it is easier than blaming the idiot that did it.

Yes, that is right punish the majority that are good for the small because there are some shitty people out there, the  all have to pay for full priced drinks.

US States where Happy Hours are Banned?

The states in the USA that have banned happy hours/drink specials or deals are Alaska, Indiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont.

Countries that have banned happy hours? There are lots of different versions of the bans. Scotland for example has banned 2 for 1 deals and cheap drinks

Plus The British Beer and Pub Association has banned Cheap Drink sales in their 32,000 Pubs and clubs. Great way to make more money.

happy hours banned
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The Stupid Reasoning

The reason for banning happy hours is quiet simple, It encourages binge drinking. We do agree with this to some extent, people drink more than normally during happy hours, True. 

But lots of people just see happy hours as a time they can go out and have a drink because it is not costing them an arm and a leg.

Not everyone is going out to get smashed in happy hours.

Problem not solved

Binge drinking and alcoholism is a big problem, that’s fine we understand and agree. Drinking Problem? Find Alcohol Support (worldwide)

But happy hours are great for customers and business. Banning something because of a small minority that were raised wrong is not the answer. 

People that want to drink and get drunk are going to do it no matter what the price is. We have much more to say on alcoholism and addiction in other posts. Keep an eye out.

But removing happy hours does not remove or fix the problem.

Creating other problems

Not allowing happy hours could also create other problems. Happy hours build a great social environments, being social is a big part of mental health.

We believe one of the biggest reasons for alcoholism is mental health and depression. We also believe that lots of these mental health problems come from money and social restraints.  People that are stressed about money don’t normally get out and have a good time.
But with happy hours they can treat themselves every now and than. This opens them up to a social environment that they do not normally get. There are many studies that claim having an active social life is good for your physical and mental health.
Business Health, Banning happy hours will create a massive strain on small businesses. Newly established bars use happy hours as a draw card to get people in the door and build their business. Removing this will make it harder for new bars to get noticed and will create a shortage of competition.

What are your thoughts on the Bans?

We think banning and regulating is never a good idea. Bars and nightclubs are already heavily regulated and have lots of red tape. We stand by happy hours and drink promotions as they are great for customer and create healthy competition.
BUT – bars need to always be responsible for their patrons and should not take advantage of customers that clearly have a drinking problem.
Do you think it is a good idea banning happy hours?
Do you agree that you cant blame other people for your actions?
Let us know below.
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Jason Masson

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