Great Pubs In The Outer Suburbs Of Adelaide

Great Pubs In The Outer Suburbs Of Adelaide

Around the suburbs, there are some hidden gems.

Some will WOW you and others are just a comfy place to have a beer and a bite.


1. Henley Beach Hotel

Right in front of the beach in the outer Suburbs Of Adelaide, there’s this magic venue. The beach is beautiful, the drinks are cold, and the meals are delicious. Is there anything else you need? Henley Beach Hotel offers the perfect solution for a Friday night feed with half price steaks, while watching the sun go down.  Highly recommended!

fox and firkin cover

2. Fox & Firkin English Pub

30mins from Adelaide CBD, the Fox & Firkin English Pub will make you feel like you are in the English countryside. This venue has a great vibe matched with wide range of beers, wines and whiskeys. This is a fine place with the classic wooden tables to enjoy a meal and a chat with your mates. Highly recommended for the pub-goers that want to enjoy warm welcome and super friendly service.

Warradale Hotel 2

3. Warradale Hotel

One of the best offers on seafood, the Warradale hotel has also some of the most outstanding cocktails to accompany the meals. The venue has plenty of space, which is why is among the most sought after reunion spots for work meetings and more. They have a good range of mainstream and craft beers to suit just about everyone. If they can’t please you with their meals, ask for their dessert menu.

Coopers Alehouse Gepps Cross outside

4. Coopers Alehouse Gepps Cross

Coopers Alehouse at Gepps Cross is a classic amongst locals. If you love Coopers beers and laid back styled bars, this is the place for you. In here you’ll be able to chill with your mates easily and to enjoy the weekly promotions and events. Not only you’ll be able to enjoy the events live, but you’ll also enjoy their fantastic yet simple meals that please even the most picky foodie. 

Torrens arms hotel

5. Torrens Arms Hotel

This pub in the outer suburbs of Adelaide is great spot mainly due to its awesome outdoor space. Wide selection of tap beers and craft beers, this sports bar is one of the favorite for locals who come to watch the game on their huge LED screens with amazing sound to match.  Seats are comfortable, the beer is cold, and the service is fast. What are you waiting for? 

Woodville Hotel

6. Woodville Hotel

It’s amazing to find this type of hotel around the suburbs area. The food is excellent and atmosphere is quite luxurious. Pop in for a glass of wine and delicious tapas.

paradise hotel adl

7. Paradise Hotel

The Paradise hotel is all about wine -and we think any paradise is about it too. We highly recommend this venue to wine lovers, but it’s suited for the whole family. It has a delicious menu for the grown-ups and kids. they also offer some of the most delicious versions of classic cocktails, like Martinis and Cosmopolitans. Their happy hours are the best all-around for locals!


8. The Highlander Hotel

Open since the 1900s, the Highlander Hotel is one of the most renowned hotels and pubs around. It offers delicious local beers, a rooftop beer garden, and the most exciting live events and spaces to celebrate. Their Quiz Nights are also quite well-known.

cremorne hotel

9. Cremorne Hotel

This is a hidden gem inside the outer Suburbs Of Adelaide. The classiness, the great meals that are simple yet delicious, and a huge list of drinks, ranging from cocktails to whiskeys, make this hotel a good addition to your go-to bars. All around, this one is amongst the best bars to hit. You can hit it also with the whole family because there is plenty of space!

The Albion Hotel 3

10. Albion Hotel

There’s a friendly vibe that’s unmatchable at the Albion hotel. Even though it looks luxurious, it offers very family-like attention and service. We absolutely recommend this pub for the entire family since it has nice options for kids and adults equally. They have entertaining karaoke nights and other live events.

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