Great Melbourne Pubs

7 Great Melbourne Pubs/ Hotels

Melbourne Pubs – that are actually pubs- are not easy to find. The whole real pub experience is actually disappearing from the city and turning into cliché hipster-ish vintage venues. Find here the very best pubs that are still keeping it real. Let’s get started!

1. The Elephant & Wheelbarrow

“A traditional British pub in the heart of Melbourne” is certainly the perfect description for this venue. From classic beers on tap to the most luxurious beer you can get, and of course, a menu filled with meals to keep you alive while partying with your mates. Live sports events and others are also a part of the deal, being this venue a favorite among locals and visitors. The service is friendly and has a huge smile to receive every single customer. This place is highly recommended for the chatty and fun British pub experience. Things can get hot when football season starts though!

2. Garden State Hotel

For a pub in Melbourne that can give you a chill-out experience with all the beer and pub classic meals you can get, the Garden State Hotel offers one of the most complete experiences. Their menu offers a lot of tasty bites plus a huge selection of beer and delicious cider. Another great thing about this pub is their cocktails menu. Their tasty Martini Pornstar and their Old Fashioned are major league’s material, highly recommended to warm up before getting the real deal started.

3. Lamaro's Hotel

South Melbourne’s hidden gem is on Cecil Street, and it’s actually not so hidden. This pub is among our favorites since it’s all about the food. All the meals at this place are a safe bet, including their delicious vegan options! We highly recommend their steaks paired with one of their wines, that were specially selected for you to try along with your meals. The list is huge! We also love this hotel because of their spaces, which can be reserved for your personal events of private dining or cocktail room.

4. Young & Jackson

Melbourne pubs like Young & Jackson’s Hotel are one of a kind. This hotel opened its doors in 1861 and has been since one of the best showcases of top-notch national brewery beers. It also offers all of the classic pub goodies, with simple yet delicious meals and the best service you can get. In addition, we’re not just talking about one bar; there are four of them with different environments that will make you enjoy the evening in a different manner. Whether you chose Chloe’s Bar or the Rooftop Bar, the experience is set to be unique every time.

5. Retreat Hotel

At the Retreat Hotel, there are many things going on, and many others yet to come. Not only they offer one of the most interesting local music landscapes, but they also have one of the best bar/pubs around; the Amelia Shaw bar. At this cocktail bar you’ll find, well, delicious masterly crafted cocktails that will get your engines started. This is also a great venue open for reservations and with a great catering service at your disposal. Head up to their website and reserve in advance for the night of your life!

6. The Rose Fitzroy

For a very classic Melbourne pub experience, you must hit the Rose Fitzroy. It sounds rather pretentious, but it’s definitely nothing like that. At this bar, you’ll find one of the most family-like communities that tend to develop around pubs. Locals and the staff seem to be good friends and, thanks to this symbiotic relationship, the pub offers an amazing environment and vibe. Paired with their well-served wines, cocktails, and beers, this pub offers a true pub experience that not many know how to appreciate.

7. North Melbourne Town Hall

At this cozy and small pub, you’ll find some surprises. The first one is how big is their food menu. We couldn’t believe that such a tiny place offered that many meals. And second, how much people fit inside it. The place is rather small, but people go in and in only without it running out of space. That’s why is one of our favorite venues for private events. Their outdoor area is also very comfortable. Paired with their beers and their French fries, there’s nothing more to ask. Recommended!

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