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Lots of pubs offer great meals but seem to struggle with a dessert menu. Having a decent dessert menu is a great way to add revenue. Desserts are usually not too expensive so people don’t think about spending the money if they see something they like on the menu. BarAdvisor has listed 5 quite simple desserts that would impress your customers.

creme brulee
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1. crème brulée

Crème brulée consist of 5 main ingredients- cream, vanilla, salt, eggs and sugar. The hardest part about is probably baking of it since yoo have to bake it in a water. When ready you can store it in a fridge for couple of days what makes it a great addition to a pub menu.

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2. Brownie

Brownies are awesome. There are so many recipes for brownies, but we would probably recommend making it without nuts and flour. That would make it a suitable choice for people with nut allergies or gluten intolerance. Make sure to serve it warm with ice cream to make it irresistible.

apple pie
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3. Apple pie

Apple pies are delicious. You can replace it with any other pie, but apple pie is probably the most common pick. Another dessert that is easy to make and can stay in a fridge for a little while. Make sure to serve it with ice cream.

4. New York cheesecake

To have an option for everyone, we would recommend adding at least one cake to the menu. Classic New York cheesecake with blueberry/raspberry sauce is a great pick. You can buy the cheesecake instead of making it and keep it in a fridge for a couple of days. A great option to add to the menu.

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5. Ice cream sundae

Ice cream sundae is a simple but delicious addition. Have a couple of sauce options, and add some nuts, whipped cream, and possibly bits of cookies to make it more interesting. It’s super simple and doesn’t require much preparation at all.

As you probably notice all these five options are simple yet popular and delicious. Offering at least five choices in a dessert menu is highly recommended. Of course, you can have more options, but the listed examples are simple additions to your menu and kitchen. So, if you want to make a bit more money, reconsider adding a dessert menu.

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