Great Adelaide Pubs – Grub, Beer and Trivia

Best Adelaide Pubs

A glance at some of the most reputable bars of Adelaide. From luxury venues to comfortable bars to have a beer and many more places to check out while you’re in Adelaide. Are you ready to find your new go-to place in the city? Enjoy!

Top Adelaide Pubs

The Original Cooper’s Alehouse is a known bar and restaurant for Aledaide’s locals. It’s simply a no-brainer since it offers the most delicious selection of Cooper’s beers – all of them! Also, the wine list is pretty cool if you’re looking for a different beverage. The restaurant offers amazing full meals, the bar offers great tapas with a very famous version of schnitzel’s that will make you come back for more. We recommend this bar to check out sports events. We’re sure that at Cooper’s Alehouse they will have you covered!

At the welcoming King’s Head Pub you will find exactly what you need after a loaded day of work. If you want to drift off with a huge selection of the most delicious wines and a relaxing environment, this is the place to do it. With its stone walls, wooden benches, and tables outside, you’ll get a dash of fresh air. Inside, ton of draft beer, wine, and delicious burgers awaits. After one visit, it will become your favourite after-work bar every day of the week. Check it out ASAP!

With a decore that was most certainly stolen from an Austin Power’s movie set, this pub is going to be one of your favourite options for sure! You’ll find great meals, pleasant music, incredibly British vibe, and handpicked list of national and imported wines. You can also enjoy fine beers along with tasty English cuisine. But that’s not all! Weekly specials and events are also available every week, so fun is covered for you at this venue with live music and even free entries in some cases. What are you waiting for!?

This one has more of a classic sailor-like vibe going on. With its sloppy and rather vintage appearance, this bar has done well throughout the years and still offers a great experience to its fun-loving customers. Pool tables, pinball machines and live music are part of the entertainment. We absolutely love it! They have delicious beer and ales, wines and cocktails, and classic meals. Hands down, Crown & Anchor is one of the best classic bars in town. Must visit!

Another old-but-gold classic bar, the Austral Hotel in Adelaide offers a saloon-looking bar experience that you’ll surely enjoy. You’ll be able to order some of the best national beers along with delicious meals. But don’t get us wrong, this is not all about the old stuff. With their cocktails and cuisine, you’ll be transported to cooler times.

With a colorful mood and with the right company, this venue can become the best place to create some new memories – or chat about old ones. At this cozy, small bar, you’ll find a very private space to chat with friends while having nice drinks and great meals. With their food menu, you’ll be amazed by the wonders of Italian food with a slight dash of Aussie influence.

Reminiscent of Louisiana’s architecture, this hotel has one of the most beautiful designs that has been preserved through time. Both indoors and outdoors spaces are beautifully decorated, which completes the vibe of the venue. As for the menu, selection is quite wide If you hit this place, try their Margaritas. Highly recommended!

At the Duke of Brunswick Hotel, there’s a lot for the families. With a slick and chic decore indoors and practical wooden tables outside, this bar seems to have all the bases covered. It’s comfortable for you and your guests as well as it’s suitable for huge families who want to have a delicious meal and a cocktail or two. It’s got plenty of space, which is why it’s the favorite venue for rather big events with more than 50 people.

When talking about huge spaces, the Seven Stars hotel has to be mentioned. This venue is great so you can check out the game with your crowd of excited friends! The food at this place is good, the beer is good, and the indoors vibe is rather house-like. It doesn’t seem like a bar at all!

Timber and red clay bricks outside, and a chic rather classy and comfortable interior will keep you warm at any time.  At this venue, right in front of St. Peter’s Cathedral, you’ll find a cozy place to chat. The perfect one to have some of the best wines while enjoying some of the best seafood in town!  You’ll also find imported and national beers of the best quality, as well as delicious desserts and amazing service. Highly recommended!

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