Gray Whale Gin

Gray Whale Gin

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Gray Whale Gin – Deliciously Protective Sustainability.

Gray Whale Gin is a delicious gin made with the best ingredients, by the best people, it has the best flavor, and everything you can make with it will be better.

Why are we talking them up so much?

Because we love their concept and product from top to bottom – it’s simply one of the most delicious gins we’ve tried, and it’s sustainable and eco-friendly, as all things should be.

Here at Baradvisor, we love promoting good companies, run by good people, and the beautiful concepts behind both.

Gray Whale Gin is one of those brands that makes you acknowledge that society needs more like them.

What is eco-friendly, sustainable, and protective about Gray Whale Gin?

Gray Whale Gin not only creates delicious gin.

They do it minimizing their effect on the environment, using just what they need, and just from sustainable, organic farms or obtained from mother nature through foraging.

Additionally, they support wildlife and nature conservation, especially the beautiful Gray Whale that started it all, which they protect through Oceana.

1% of the profit of all sales goes to environmental causes.

But there’s more: they also use organic, renewable, and locally sourced materials for the bottle design – which is so beautiful, it hurts.

It all started with a Gray Whale.

The creators of Golden State Distillery and Gray Whale Gin are Marsh and Jan Mokhtari.

After being together for more than 20 years at the time we’re writing this article, they decided to go on a field trip in 2016 that would change their lives for good.

On the said trip, they visited the mesmerizing paradise of California’s rocky coast, where they met the grandiose Pacific Ocean.

Lost in this paradise, they saw a Gray Whale and its calf swimming up north.

This experienced started it all by directly inspiring the creation of the Gray Whale Gin through their distillery.

Truly beautiful, isn’t it?

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Common uses and final thoughts

Now, we talked about the concept and ideas behind Gray Whale Gin.

But what truly makes this brand’s success is a mix of that with its outstanding flavor.

The botanicals used in the creation of each bottle add the punch it needs to be unmatched by its competition – this is a very unique gin.

Not only you can have it dry – which we urge you to try because we love it – but you can also use it in just about every classic cocktail that has gin in the recipe.

You can also check out their cocktails page on their website, which is filled with incredibly tasty, rich, and well-balanced mixes.

Are you ready to try it? All hail the Gray Whale!

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