Gluten Free Beer

If you haven’t noticed it is taking off, the GF revolution.

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Why is it taken off

We okay we might of lied a little, it is not taking off that much. It is not like it will take over normal beer. But it is not just getting drunk by gluten free people now. Gluten free beer used to taste like SH**.

But now with some big brewers coming to the table with their gluten free beers the quality is stepping up a notch.

Plus people are finding really good positives in drinking the Gluten free beers. The ones we have tired we find lots of them don’t make you feel bloated, reduce hangovers, overall drunkenness or intoxication is not as bad. 

What is gluten free beer made from?

There are several alternatives to wheat, barley and rye. cereals such as millet, rice, sorghum, buckwheat and corn (maize) are most of them. But some companies are still using Wheat and Rye but they reduce the levels of gluten to below 20pp which they claim is safe levels for gluten intolerance. Celiacs still prefer not to touch anything with gluten.

gluten free beers now
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Our favorite Gluten free beers

  1. Hahn Ultra Crisp – doesn’t taste the best but great price.
  2. Celia beer – Tastes amazing hard to find
  3. Wilde beer – Good once again hard to find
  4. O’briens beer – 4 different ones, they are the masters of Gluten free Beer.
  5. Glutenberg – world gold medal winner.

There are lots of small brewers coming to market, with very unique blends. This is why we say watch this space as the price comes down and the quality goes up. You can not tell the difference between hops beer and chestnut beer.

The GF fad

Rememebr this is not a fad for a lot of people. Celiac disease is a pretty messed up problem to have. Learn more about why your Your Bar Must Cater For The 1%

This small amount of people actually control a lot of social movement. As they can not just eat or drink at any venue, so their friends respect that and support them if they want a pub with Gluten Free food and drink.

Try these Gluten Free beers they are really good.

Now we have seen a large supplier Hahn launch their Gluten Free Beer. We are sure to see the rest follow.


Please try the new GF beers and let us know what you think.

comment below.


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