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Why is a good gin glass important?

Gin is one of the most popular spirits around the world right now. In recent years gin has become extremely popular. Every good spirit tastes better from a proper glass, and gin is no exception. So, which glasses BarAdvisor prefers to serve gin?

How is gin made?

Gin is a clear spirit that is made by distilling fermented grain mixed with several other botanicals. Different flavors are created by using a variety of distinct botanicals.

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1. KROSNO Cocktail Gin Tonic Balloon Water Glasses

KROSNO glasses measure 480ml what is a great size for any type of cocktail, and fits plenty of ice. The elegant design is eyecatching and looks good on photos and dinner parties. The set comes with gin glasses.

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2. Riedel Gin Set

Riedel Gin glasses are made from fine crystal and perfect for everyday use. It is simple, fits easily in your hand, dishwasher safe and fun. Perfect gin glass to have at home.

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3. Let the good time be gin

Let the good time be gin is a fun, catchy, and perfect gift for someone who has a sense of humor. It has a classic design and fits perfectly in your hand. It’s the perfect glass to get people talking and having fun.

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4. Dartington Crystal Copa glasses

Dartington Copa glasses fit 650ml and are perfect for gin & tonics and all the other great gin cocktails. Great looks for any bar or home who loves gin.

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Gin does taste better from a great glass. So, please do yourself a favor and pick one of our favorites. Cocktails taste better from a nicer glass.

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Jason Masson

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