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When we are looking for a new bar to go to, we don’t care that Karen didn’t like the bartender. But it’s still better than nothing.

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Reviews Are Important

67% of consumers are influenced by online reviews.


Lots of business owners brush off reviews especially negative reviews. The simple fact is If your competition has reviews and you don’t you are losing business.

Good reviews are better than no reviews, but bad reviews are setting you up to fail. You need to manage and understand how to use reviews to help your business.

But first of lets figure out how to get more reviews.

How do you get more good reviews?

Simple answer is be good at what you do. But this is not normally enough to get people to use their valuable time to write a good review, so beg for them.

When you do a table check ask if they say they are having a great night ask them. “Hey can you jump on BarAdvisor and tell people” Offer a free drink or discount.

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Why You Need more Reviews

Even if you do not have any reviews this is losing you money.

First: search engines look at review sites and businesses with more engagement and positive reviews move higher up the list.

The higher you are on the search results more people are bound to stumble across your business.

Second: when you do get a negative review it will be washed out by all the good reviews.

Third: read above, 67% of people read reviews so you need to have some for them to read.

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Ways to get more reviews.

Beg for them

Ok you don’t need to get on your hands and knees and beg, but ask your customers. Make sure they are happy before you ask. It can be as simple as “Hey you enjoyed for food would you mind writing a review about it? Thanks.”

Ask your friends and family

It sort of sounds like cheating, but it is not. I am sure your friends and family have been to your business. They most probably liked the service and food so ask them to write a review.

Discounts for reviews

This is not our favorite, but it does work, if a customer is happy with their service, offer a discount if they write a good review before they leave. The good thing about this is you can qualify the customer and if they are happy with their experience already then with the extra discount they would love to write a great review.


We do not support this, but it happens and if your competition is doing it and taking your business maybe you need to consider it. There are people online you can hire to leave positive reviews. Lots of bigger platforms like baradvisor.com monitor this type of traffic and it gets placed as spam, but some of the others might allow it.

Planning to get more reviews

Getting more GOOD reviews is not as easy as it seems. Remember it takes time to write a review so why are people going to waste their time.  Plus where are they going to write it. This is why planning can help.

Where do you want the reviews

Plan where you want them to add the reviews. Make sure you have reviews on all the different websites, you don’t want one site with hundreds and then others with nothing.

One week target Baradvisor, the next week Google and so on with other review sites. Rotate weekly or monthly.

You want to cover them all, the are 1000’s of people looking at all different sites to find the best place for them to go, make sure your listing is there.

Also if you know where you are sending your customers to review you can also understand what method works best.

What do you want to push

This is the part that everyone forgets, this is free advertising so take advantage of it. Use reviews to push profitable menu items or happy hours. To read more check out reviews that make profit.

How to make it easy

You need to make it easy for them to write the reviews, don’t complicate things. If you have a plan where to send them and what you want them to say. Just communicate with the customer to place the review.

Have the links on your site to the places you want the reviews. Baradvisor icon, Facebook icon, Google business icon. Make it only one click away.

The best and easiest way to get more Reviews

Go above and beyond for your customers. Make sure they are happy with everything. Check the quality of service and food all the time.

Once again it takes time for them to write a review. If you make time to make sure that the customer has had an amazing experience, they will make the time to write a review.

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Jason Masson

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