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Sydney, Australia
Frankie’s Pizza by the slice is not quite your regular pizza shop.

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Frankie’s Pizza by the slice.

Frankie’s Pizza by the slice is the definitive Nirvana for metal-heads, pinball lovers, pizza, beer and rock’n’roll lovers.  Frankie’s Pizza is a great place to have a super fun night out during any day of the week.

frankies pizza by the slice
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The perks of Frankie’s Pizza.

This place has just about everything you need to have some fun! From freezing beers, delicious pizza, nice metal and rock music in the background, to some pinball machines, a nice rock-themed decor, and a great staff.

It’s also an interesting place to run into some celebrities, as they somehow seem to love this place, too! So, having fun, screaming to your favourite rock song and having a beer with the band might be a part of the night out at Frankie’s Pizza. They have live music every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.  Get ready for some moshing!

There’s also a place to show off your own talent, as they have Karaoke nights on Tuesdays.

Get Loud

Whenever you want to have some fun, Frankie’s is certainly the right place. Loud and great music, a nice selection of drinks and a really interesting staff will get you through the night, until what’s probably the saddest part of it- leaving! They have one of the best pizzas in Sydney. Also, forget about fancy drinks, because the place is all about beers; they have a great selection! If you need something stronger to keep you going, they can hook you up with some rum or whiskey or they might have whatever your poison is!

If you’re in town and want to have an unique experience Frankie’s pizza won’t disappoint.



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