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Taking good food & cocktail photos can take your business far, bring in more patrons, and please the eye of your social media followers. Are your photos good enough?

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5 tips to take better food & cocktail photos

Taking good food & cocktail photos is not as easy as it seems.

After all, without the proper technique, equipment, and creativity, you’re just taking simple photos that are everything but appealing.

If you’re really interested in taking the best possible photos of your drinks and meals, look no further – we have 5 amazing tips for you.

In this guide, we’ll share with you some ideas to improve your photo game.

This will attract more eyes to your products and it will allow you to do it yourself without paying someone to do it for you.

Achieve the results you want!

Are you ready? Let’s dig in!

What is the best camera for taking amazing food & cocktail photos?

We’ve talked about cameras in the past, and our recommended choices and opinion don’t vary a lot – if you want good photos, you need a good camera.

The best possible camera you can get is the Sony A7III, which is a very balanced pick that enables you to take amazing pictures in low-light environments.

The Sony A6400 is a mid-priced option that goes close in quality to the Sony A7III, making it an almost obvious choice with which you don’t sacrifice a ton of quality.

Check out our article about the best cameras for bar owners to find more suitable and viable options for your business. Start taking the best photos today!

Light your food photos
Photo by Lidye on Unsplash

1. Lighting kills or gives life to photos.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of good food & cocktail photos – it’s something you must consider always!

That’s why gearing up with some lighting equipment can help you a lot to achieve amazing results.

Of course, you don’t have to go all-out Hollywood with this – some simple small lighting equipment will do.

For example, a couple of shades, some lamps, a cookie to achieve interesting lighting patterns, and of course, a good camera flash can improve your photos.

Taking lighting into account can at least ensure that you’re on the right track.

We highly recommend that you try out some options and gear up even more when you see the quality of your results – which we can assure you will be off the charts.

2. Plating your foods and drinks with creativity.

When you’re taking photos of food and drinks, you can’t use regular plating – you need that something else that will make it special.

For that, you can improvise, create, and utilize as many resources as you can to improve the appearance of your product.

Of course, it must be consistent with what you deliver, so we highly recommend that it’s as close to the true appearance as possible.

Add garnishes and complement them with other of your products – if you’re taking photos of drinks, including the best meals to accompany them and vice versa.

 Putting a little bit of effort into this area will surely pay off!

3. Add different elements to your food & cocktail photos.

Just as with the plating, bringing new elements into the photo – that makes sense – can make each of them more special.

A quick example is accommodating a few of the freshest ingredients that you use around the plate.

If you prepare pasta with meatballs, add a small bowl with eggs, some flour, a classic pasta machine, some species, and the finished plate in the middle of all.

This would create, in this particular example, an image of everything you put into your food, which makes the patrons trust more in your food.

You can also apply this with your drinks!

Around a Margarita, place all the freshest-looking ingredients you can find, and play.

Don’t forget to bring in the head chef/bartender into this, as they can help you find balance between all of this, and make things look better.

food photography
Photo by Madie Hamilton on Unsplash

4. Try out different angles and keep the best!

Just as we said in our article about taking better photos, working with different angles gives you a more varied scope of what looks good.

To find the right angles, all you have to do is take a bunch of photos from different angles and keep the ones that look the best.

You can then standardize your angles, and use the same ones for each product to create a better progression from photo to photo, or create new angles for each product – It’s your call!

5. Use the power of editing!

The edition is always a great ally and tool of every photo you take.

You can edit out blemish, cut your image, improve or decrease its quality to use it in different places, and more.

A little bit of edition magic can improve your photos a lot – especially if you don’t have a proper camera, like the ones we mentioned above.

If you’re stuck taking pictures, with say, an iPhone, then you must add whatever lacks to the photo with it.

Adding warmer or colder tones to your photos, filters, or adding a watermark is all possible through a little bit of editing.

But, consider this:

If you’re taking amazing photos in the first place, the need for heavy editing drops, meaning you can only use editing for smaller details.

That’s why this is the last point you must keep in mind!

edit photos
Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash

Taking amazing food & drink photos requires planning.

We created these tips for you to take into account that a good photo requires a plan.

Apply them using only two steps:

  • Draw your photoshoot plan following each tip. Don’t forget to play with each of them to find out what looks the best.


  • Execute your plan using the right tools. They are the ones that do the heavy lifting and at least a percentage of the job. If you have the best camera, that percentage goes pretty close to 100%!

And that’s it!

Keep in mind that the more work you put into each photo, the better it will look – take your time because good things don’t come easy.

What are you waiting for!? Go take amazing photos!

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