Advanced hangover prevention formula, new from Double Wood Supplements.

Always Drink Responsibly & In Moderation. Excessive Drinking May Be Harmful to Your Health.

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What is DYCETIN?

Dycentin is a new product from Double Wood Supplements. Double Wood has a huge range of product to help you sleep better,get you focused and much more. Check out their range here Double wood Supplements .

Dycetin is the advanced version of the famous Dihdromyricetin (DHM) hangover prevention pills. Dycetin has improved on the simple DHM pills by looking at other ingredients that could be added to help, prevent or soften hangovers. BUY NOW!

What is DHM?

DHM stands for Dihydromyricetin. It is a type of flavonoid in an oriental tree found thoughout Asia. DHM is know and been proven to soften the effects of alcohol.

How Does DYCETIN Help?

Dycetin Contains 2000mg of Dihydromyricetin, and 300mg of Electrolytes per dose.

DHM enhance enzymes are responsible for breaking down alcohol and its toxic by-products, but it also reduces the effect alcohol has on GABA receptors in the brain. The reduces your feeling of intoxication and can help to ease those nasty headaches in the morning.

The included electrolytes help to maximize the benefit gained from drinking water before bed. ALWAYS DRINK WATER BEFORE BED as electrolytes help to direct water to the cells that need it most.

DYCETIN Drugs To Stop Hangovers

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Our Thoughts

We love the package, it looks like something you would find at a service station or a 7 /11. Ok that sounds bad, but it is rather a positivity. Once you have tried Dycetin and wake up fresh you’ll get it. Every time you go out you will want to be able to pop into a corner store and grab a pack before you start drinking.
At the moment you will just need to stock up from Double Woods Website.
In general, Double Wood Supplements are one of the leaders in hangover and overall health products. This is the first one we are going to review as we feel it is one of the best.
Full Review Coming Soon….
Jason Masson

Jason Masson

22 just out of college and love to find new and interesting drinking spots. My favourite bar is the next one I visit.

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