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Let’s Talk About Dutch Courage – The History and Fun Facts

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Dutch courage is an age-old term that has been around for centuries. It refers to the supposed bravery or confidence that one gains after drinking. Despite its widespread use, not many people do not know the term really started and what is the connection with Dutch. BarAdvisor will explore the history and fun facts of Dutch courage.

What is Dutch Courage?

Dutch courage is a term that refers to the bravery or confidence that one gains after consuming alcohol. The term originates from the 17th century and was used to describe Dutch soldiers, who were known for their heavy drinking before going into battle. Over time, the term evolved to include anyone who relies on alcohol to gain confidence.

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The Origin of Dutch Courage

Surprisingly the term Dutch courage has nothing to do with the Dutch people themselves or their culture. The term originates from a stereotype about Dutch soldiers during the 17th century. At that time, the Netherlands was a major world power, and their soldiers were considered great fighters. However, it was also widely believed that they would often consume alcohol before going into battle to calm their nerves and give them a false sense of courage.

The Spread of Dutch Courage

During World War I, British soldiers used the term Dutch courage to describe the behavior of their Dutch allies, who were known for their heavy drinking. The term stuck and is still used to describe a person who gains confidence from alcohol.

Fun Facts About Dutch Courage

Now that we know the history of Dutch courage let’s look into some fun facts.
Dutch people have their own version of the term, which they call “een borreltje moed” (a little bit of courage). It is common for Dutch people to have a drink or two before a nerve-wracking situation, such as a job interview or public speaking.
The concept is not unique to the Dutch. Many cultures have similar expressions. For example, in Russian, there’s the term “водка на мужество” (vodka for bravery).
We believe that Dutch courage can be a good thing. Studies have shown that a moderate amount of alcohol can reduce anxiety and increase confidence in some people, which can be helpful in social situations.
Surpsingly, Dutch courage is not just limited to humans. For example, elephants seek out fermented fruit to get drunk. Who would have thought?

Positive or negative saying?

In conclusion, Dutch courage is an age-old term that has been around for centuries. While it is important to remember that relying on alcohol to gain courage or confidence can have negative consequences, there’s no harm in indulging in a little Dutch courage now and then. Just remember to drink responsibly.

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