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Duffy’s Sports Grill.

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Duffy’s Sports Grill.

Duffy’s Sports Grill is not just another soulless corporate franchise, but a family business that has succeeded thanks to Emmett’s family hard work.

Duffy’s is definitely a place to fall in love with, because of their… everything! It’s a really good sports bar and restaurant, and it’s actually a rather small and young franchise focused on doing things the right way. That’s what we love about the it.

A little history about Duffy's

Duffy’s Sports Grill was created in 2001 by Paul Emmett in Florida. Sadly, he passed away in 2015. His family took over the business and it has been growing non-stop, trying always to hold on to the vision of original owner. At this family-owned sports bar, you’ll find amazing service and attention to detail. Once you step in, you’ll feel right away as a part of the Duffy’s family.

At Duffy’s Sports Grill, their game is always on.

In Duffy’s you’ll find a really good neighborhood ambiance with lovely staff. They have a lot of delicious food options which are consistently great and even better- reasonably priced. You can enjoy great specials like 2$ for beers  and 2-1 for almost everything on their drinks menu. Duffy’s menu is huge! You’ll get classic cocktails, more than five versions of margaritas, wine, rum, whiskey, shots, and bottled, draft and craft beers (locals and imported). They sure know how to keep up their game.

Also, you’ll be able to check out some really nice scenery in couple of locations. Some of the bars even have pools to jump in on a hot day. Duffy’s Sports Grill is totally the perfect place to cool down after a day at the beach, to catch up with the baseball or football game, or just to have a really nice time with family and friends!

Enjoy Duffy’s Sports Grill.


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Jason Masson

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