Drugs to Stop Hangovers

There are lots of drugs that claim to prevent hangovers these days. So we thought we might take some for a spin and see what happens.

Most of these products have very similar ingredients and work off the same basic principle by pumping you up with vitamins and loading you up with electrolytes.

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* Disclaimer, we are not doctors or have any knowledge of drugs or science. We are just drunks that don’t want hangovers. This is not advice on what you should do, we have know idea if these are bad for you or not we just go off experience and what the bottle says. We do not recommend any of these product, we recommend responsible drinking.


DrinkAde comes in two different types Prevention and Boost both are quite effective in restoring nutrients and attacking dehydration. Boost is the same as the Prevention but It has 189mg of natural caffeine. So pretty much just skip your morning coffee when you have the boost. Key ingredients include Vitamin B, Potassium, Electrolytes, Milk Thistle, Green Tea Extract, Aloe Vera, and Gotu KolaIt is sugar-free, gluten-free, and low-calorie (5 calories per serving)

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2. Zaca

Zaca Recovery Chewable enhances hydration and liver aid to help keep your body feeling fresh! If you are traveling, exercising, partying, or experiencing altitude, Zaca  are the go solution so you can enjoy bright eyed mornings.

They also have a patch you where while drinking to try and prevent hangovers.

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3. Blowfish for Hangovers

There are a lot of so-called hangover remedies floating around these days, but here’s one that actually works. Only Blowfish has a formulation recognized as effective by the FDA. In the morning, just drop two Blowfish tablets in water and drink when the fizzing stops. It’s lemony, refreshing with a nice “I’m not dying anymore” finish. In other words, you’ll feel better in about 15 minutes or your money back. When it comes to drinking, there is no off-season, so you’re definitely going to want some in your nightstand, desk drawer or gym bag—and at about s buck per dose, maybe all three.

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4. Dihydromyricetine

From Double Wood Supplements comes the 100% Dihydromyrictine DHM. Yep long name must be science. Well not so much science but history. DHM has been know to soften and prevent the symtoms of alcohol, now science have proven the results of DHM in rats.

This bottle is just pills of DHM with will help the liver and brain deal with the effects alcohol has on it. Proven Results

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DYCETIN Drugs To Stop Hangovers

5. Dycetin

From Double Wood Supplements comes their new and improved version of DHM. Now loaded with electrolytes and some other ingredients proven to ease the morning after a big night out.

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Drugs To Stop Hangovers

6. Rejoove

Sadley this is an Australian product and not yet shipping to the states yet. But it is one to watch out for. Australian know how to drink, but until now they did not no how to deal with the next day.

The go to Hanover cure was a greasy bacon and egg roll. Now there is something more logical and probably better for your health. Rejoove is a great product with a dual formula that is meant to help you sleep better.

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Recoverthol 106x46

7. Recoverthol

Once again Australians know how to drink so hangover cures in Australia is big business. Now recoverthol added a bit of tech to there hangover cure. Not only do Recoverthol provide you with a easy to use solution, just a couple of drips in to your drink to stop that hangover. But they built an app so you can understand more about how to soften the effects and make better choices thought out the night.

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Our Thoughts.

We love the simple formula of Dihydromyricetin, this is made from 100% of the proven ingredient at is in most of these products. But saying that we also like science and yes DHM is proven to help hangovers but we believe that new science and technology can improve on that. That is why ZACA is also a great choice ZACA has modernized DHM.

Over all just be smart when drinking do not mix drinks, do not drink to much and have a couple of these to hopefully help you wake up better in the morning.

Please keep an eye out for our full reviews on each of these products.

Also if you have tried any of these or others let us know your thoughts below.

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