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What Mood Are You In?

Drink, Dance, Relax are the only three options you can choose from when looking for a bar or night club on Bar Advisor. We found that when you are planning a night out, there are normally only three different things you could be in the mood for.

You either want to go for a DRINK, you want to DANCE or you just want to RELAX



If you are going out with the friends in the afternoon because your favorite game is on or just want to catch up. You should look for a place to DRINK,

Yes, yes…we do understand that every venue on Bar Advisor is a place to Drink, but the word DRINK on Bar Advisor refers to the mood (I want to go for a DRINK).


“Let’s go for a Drink after work”. You are probably not looking for nightclub.

“I haven’t seen you in a long time let’s catch up for a DRINK“. You are probably not looking for a romantic place where to relax.

You are Looking for a place to DRINK.


If you are in the mood to DANCE, This selection is pretty easy to understand. Obviously you are not after a place without a dance floor.

Example, You have had after work drinks and now you feel like dancing. Just get on Bar Advisor and find a place to DANCE.


RELAX is the hardest one to explain.  RELAX category is for those times you don’t want loud people around you. You just want a nice place to have a quiet drink with someone special.

You choose relax if you are looking for a nice lounge bar, bar with a view or a cocktail bar by the pool.

Relax will find you venues that like to take pride in the quality of service and work hard to keep the noisier crowd away.

What Does My Bar Fit Under?

Below you will see a list and more detailed information about how to choose what your bar fits in.

Remember when you add your listing you are also able to choose what type of Venue you are eg. Tavern, pub, hotel, nightclub, gay club etc.

The Break Down

Remember your Bar, Nightclub or Venue may fit in 1, 2 or all 3 of these options.

But do not list ones you definitely do not fit into because this may get you negative reviews. For example Do not click DANCE if you don’t have a dance floor.


Places that people mainly go to drink.

Around 80% of places fit into this category.

Bars – Pubs – Hotels – Sports Bars – Irish Pubs – Public Houses – General Bars

These are places that are a bit louder, there is not really a dress code.

It is not really a place you would take your date on Valentines Day.

It is a place that you can go with the boys or girls and be a little loud and no one will judge you.


Places that have a dance floor.

If I want to DANCE. Your venue will provide me with music and room to dance.

Nightclubs – Salsa Clubs – Discos – Dance Clubs – RNB Club.

Pub and taverns that have dance floors, they fit in to the DANCE Category too.


Relax is the hardest to figure out if you fit into.

Think of it as a place you could read a book and have a drink.

Wine Bars – Cigar Lounges – Lounge Bars – Roof top Lounges – Beer Gardens – Pool Bars – Bars With Views.

Obviously if your roof top or beer garden has a live band every night and loud music it would not fit into this category.

Some places fit in to all of the categories above but many don’t. Lots of patrons want to know what they are in for, so in the description area of your listing tell them everything. Don’t just select every category so you don’t loose a customer. If you select RELAX, but you are a nightclub and a new customer comes to your venue you are now hosting a customer that wanted to RELAX. If you can’t make them RELAX you may have an unhappy customer. Which may result in a negative review/impact on your business.