Dog friendly pubs in Sydney

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Dog friendly pubs in Sydney

Don’t we all love dogs? They are cute, cuddly, and fun. Unfortunately, a lot of times when heading out we have to leave our pets at home since they are not allowed to bars/pubs. Thankfully, there are plenty of dog-friendly venues around Sydney. BarAdvisor decided to help you out with listing a couple of spots dogs are welcome.

1. Australian Heritage Hotel

The Australian heritage hotel is a historic hotel at the Rocks. Iconic venue with over 130 beers and famous pizzas is also a spot to bring your dogs. Catch up with friends and puppies.

2. Bondi Beach public bar

Bondi Beach public bar is a super fun local with lots of sunshine, drinks, and great pizzas. Another positive is that you can bring your doggie, what a great place to visit.

Botany View Hotel newtown

3. Botany view hotel

Botany view hotel in Newtown is a hip, fun place with lots of character, good pub meals, and live music. Another amazing thing is- you can bring your dog to enjoy it all with you!

Cat Fiddle Hotel
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4. Cat & Fiddle

Even though the name says the cat, dogs are allowed in the outside area. Take your pet and enjoy amazing food, the historical building, the great atmosphere, and Balmain in general.

5. Frisco Hotel

Frisco hotel located in a historic building surprises with beautiful white and navy interiors, plenty of function spaces, friendly staff and most importantly it’s a pub you can bring your dog.

manly spirits bar

6. Manly Spirits

Manly Spirits Co. Distillery is an awesome place to visit any day. They offer distillery tours, tastings, and perfect cocktails. Another good reason to visit is that you can take your pup.

7. Rag & Famish

Rag & Famish is a classic, historic pub with wonderful food options, wide drink list and so much more. Another great thing about Rag & Famish is that you can bring your pup.

sackville hotel bar rozelle

8. Sackville Hotel

Sackville hotel is an iconic Inner West pub with great meal options, TVs, drinks, and lots of other dogs to play with!

cricketers arms sydney

9. Cricketers Arms Hotel

Cricketers arms hotel is a classic local pub what allows you to bring your dog. Enjoy pub eats, refreshing drinks and fun atmosphere.

10. The Duck Inn

The Duck Inn is a light, fun local for dogs and their owners. Relax on the sofas, talk to other animal lovers or just enjoy a delicious pub meal.

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