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Excessive Drinking May Be Harmful to Your Health.

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What is Dihydromyricetin?

Dihydromyricetin from Doublewood Supplements is the game changer for your Friday and Saturday nights. This is a product that is designed to improve liver function and help the brain deal with the affects of alcohol. This is a natural falvonid compound found in plants, for centuries in Asia have been used for anti-inflammatory and liver issues. The west then figured out it helps you win beer drinking comps. Ha ha jokes.

Remember this softens the effect this does not prevent the damage alcohol can cause on the body.

What is Dihydromyricetin made from?

DHM is natural falvonid from the Hovenia dulcis a oriental raisin tree.

Tablets – Take 2 before drinking, ideally with a glass of water.


Why Does Dihydromyricetin Help Hangovers?

Ok we are not going to bore you to much with all information from the scientific stadies done on DHM. But there has been lots of research in regards to DHM.

In layman’s terms, It helps improve your brains ability to handle the affects of alcohol. This does not mean you should drink more, than normal it just means you might handle the symptoms of your intoxication in a better way.

It helps improve liver function, remember when you drink your liver takes a massive hit. DHM sort of helps or speeds up the process to metabolize alcohol.

Once again we are not doctors just drunks. So for more information please read all the studies before using. dhmdepot.com

Where to Buy

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Our Thoughts

The packet looks like it has been around for years and seems legit, no silly gimmicks.

I think the main calming factor with DHM is the fact when you look at the ingredients it is just 1 thing. When you find out that one thing comes from a tress that you can make tea from. it makes it a bit more comfortable to take.

The science is there, the price is right and they back it with 100% money back guarantee, which we always love.

Full review coming soon

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Have You Tried Dihydromyricetin?

Tell us what you thought of it or if you have found the best hangover cure. Let us know In the comments below.

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Jason Masson

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