BarAdvisor Update 01/05/2022

2 Years of Covid Chaos for Bars and BarAdvisor

2 years of torture for bar owners hopefully is coming to an end. 

dont give up bars and nightclubs

In early 2020 BarAdvisor launched just 2 months before the world went in to Covid Chaos which sucked. Years of building baradvisor and connecting with over 15,000 bars and nightclubs to be listed to have 85% of traffic disappear over night. 

But this was nothing compared to the torture these bars and nightclubs would be put though over the next 2 years.

We understand Covid is real and is bad, horrible, scary whatever term you want to use. We are sorry for anyone that has lost someone to this horrible virus.

But the chaos cause to the nightlife industry has been devastating to watch. We are connected with over 10,000 plus bars on our instagram alone.

We have seen metal breakdowns, 100’s of businesses close for good, massive employee exodus and the consent instability.

We are writing this now because it looks like there could be hope on the horizon. Case numbers look like they are peaking and governments are not intervening as much.

We just wanted to share our support for current and past bar and nightclub owners. Don’t Give Up.

We have big things planned to support the industry to get back on it’s feet. We know things will probably never be the same, but lets work together to find the best new normal.


Marcus Newark

Founder BarAdvisor