Cool Laneway Bars Adelaide

6 Cool Laneway Bars Adelaide

There are many cool laneway bars at Adelaide. How to tell them apart from the ones that are simply not that good? Find with our help the most exciting venues to keep the party going or to start a new one. Let’s get started!

Best Hotel Bars in Adelaide

This interesting bar has delicious drinks, great service, and it yells out its hipster-ish vibe all around proudly. We love the place because it offers a very neat, small, yet comfortable venue for you to have a cozy place to chat and drink. It is small, but who said anything about space? Many people can fit there easily, and they’ll stay for the warmth and eager-to-please service.  Their food is also a keeper. Recommended!

The Pink Moon Saloon is, without a doubt, one of the coolest laneway bars of Adelaide. And it’s funny since it could be easily described in three words! Hidden, colorful, and delicious. This place is rather tucked away and offers some of the most delicious and colorful meals and drinks you can get. They are highly recommended. The place is also beautiful and we love the way it looks. This is the kind of bar you’d never like to leave! 

This one looks like taken out of Grease, which can be the right mood for some. For us, it certainly was, and we highly enjoyed everything they had to offer. You must try their fried chicken since it’s one of the best all-around. For the drinks, we stood inside our comfort zone, zipping some of the most deliciously crafted beers. Their whiskey selection is also respectable. Highly recommended!

We won’t lie, this place looks rather pretentious from outside. But once you’re in, there’s no coming back from one of the most recommended culinary experiences you can have in Adelaide. This venue impresses many because of it’s amazingly tailored menu, which keeps impressing us every single time. The drinks, meals, and service are all part of the mesmerizing experience, even though the venue is very small, it’s all part of a very impressive parade of high taste. Highly recommended!

The tapas and the wine here are amazingly put together to provide the ultimate taste-bud experience. We love this place because it’s small and private, and even though it’s famous and offers great quality, it’s not crippling full every single time. That and the great service is very easy to get used to, so it’ll become your go-to bar in no time!

This bar looks like it’s spaces are improvised, and maybe they are, but their service is incredibly fast and not improvised at all. The place can get crowded sometimes because it’s so good and the drinks are perfectly tailored to suit the pickiest patron. But that won’t stop you from having a nice time since the customers are great also. This is a nice place to meet people and have drinks before starting the party. Highly recommended!

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