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Everyone needs a bottle opener, why not have an interesting one.


Bottle opener not for bartenders?

These are not bottle openers you want if you are a bartender. The bottle opener is something everyone has, there is always a moment when you need to open a drink. Without a bottle opener, it might turn out to be quite challenging.

When you do need to get one, why to get a plain, boring one, when there are so many cool ones out there.

When was the bottle opener invented?

William Painter designed the crown cork stopper and patented his design in 1892.

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1. Credit Card Size Casino Bottle Opener

We love this card-shaped bottle opener- it looks cool, unique, and stylish. It’s a great gift and fits perfectly in your wallet, so it’s always close when needed.

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2. Novelty Gold bar Bottle Opener

Want to look like a baller? Open a bottle with a gold bullion, or a magnet that looks like gold bullion. This is our favorite, you can also personalize this as well.

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3. LXSLFY Bottle Opener

Copper fist shaped bottle opener is a cool way to open your next drink. It’s durable, functional, and looks great.

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4. Millenium Bottle Opener

We know that there are plenty of people out there who love Star Wars. So, why not add this Star Wars themed bottle opener into your collection?

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5. Bottle Opener Ring

Quick and easy, but if you are a bartender and want to get it, think again.

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6. Skeleton Ghost Hand Bottle Opener

Some openers are just stupid, and this one takes the cake. Who the hell needs a skeleton hand opener?

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7. Army Man Bottle Opener

Everyone has a buddy in the forces, so this is a fun little gift.

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8. The Delorean - Back to the future

Very cool. We love back to the future and by the looks of the sales lots of other people do to. Very cool little bottle opener.

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9. Wall mounted - Corona

It’s corona time. These wall mounted bottle openers are quick and easy way to open a bottle, plus it doesn’t hurt your wrists as much. Bartenders know the pain after a busy night of 2 for 1 bottles.

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In conclusion, having a bottle opener in your wallet, pocket or car is always quite handy. Remember, it’s quite hard to use anything else to open a bottle, so you might as well make up your mind and get a cool looking bottle opener today.

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Jason Masson

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