Coming SOON!

Coming Soon!

Welcome to Bar Advisor Soft Launch. 

We are still working to make things perfect but, you are now able to create listings for bars and nightclubs, bands and artists or any of the other 6 directories.

What is Bar Advisor?

Bar & Nightclub Directory

Bar Advisor is a Bar and Nightclub directory, but it does a lot more than just show you the best bars and nightclubs from around the world.

Bar Advisor Events

Bar Advisor will bring you the events held at those bars and nightclubs. In the future you will be able to book tables and buy tickets straight from Bar Advisor.

DJ’s, Bands, Musicians and Artists

Bar Advisor will link you to the profiles of some of the best artists in the world and show you what bars and nightclubs they are playing at. Artist can list all their events and promote themselves to bars and nightclubs that are looking for some fresh talent.


It would be stupid not to. With tens of thousands of bars and nightclubs it just makes sense to help you find staff through Bar Advisor. So if your looking for a job look at Bar Advisor Jobs.

Cocktail Guide

Bar Advisor cocktail guide will bring you recipes for all your classic drinks. Plus specialty cocktails from the bars listed in the bar and nightclub directory. Soon you will also be able to find a cocktail you want to try and find the nearest bar that makes it.

Soft & Hard Launch

The official (hard) launch will be on the 1st of October.

At the moment we have done a soft launch to find any faults. You can still use Bar Advisor to create profiles and listings. We are just tiding up some things and improving some features. This will not affect what you have done. The features are more about speed and user friendliness.

Once we Launch you will be able to claim and verify your listings.

Cocktails and jobs listings are still under construction but will be ready before hard launch. Follow us below to get notified when everything is ready.

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