Collins Glass

Common cocktails

  • Mojito
  • Vodka Collins
  • Long Lava Flow
  • Pink Musketeer

The Collins Glass: perfect for cocktails.

The Collins glass is the perfect chimney glass for presenting a huge list of cocktails, like the Collins trio; Tom Collins, John Collins and Jim Collins cocktails. By the way, these are quite refreshing and delicious drinks you should definitely try sometime.

Collins Glass has several presentations, varying in the size of the glass from 300 to 410 milliliters. It’s different than the Highball glass, because the Collins glass is taller and narrower. Its design is quite similar to the one of the Stangen, which is a glass for drinking Kölsch, which is a type of beer. It can be differentiated from the Stangen because it only holds 200ml in most designs.

There’s also another similar type of glass called Zombie glass, which is taller and even narrower than the Collins glass.

The thing is, when should you use a Collins? Well, actually, that’s quite simple; use it whenever you want to use it! The Collins and the Highball glass are interchangeable, so it narrows down to your actual preference.

You should take into account that, due to its narrower design, it’s harder to spill when you bottom-up.


When was this glass created?

The creation of this glass is commonly associated with the trio of Cocktails we mentioned before. They originated in the mid 1800s, but the glass was probably born later. Also, it’s common to think that it originated of a branch of narrower Highball glasses, made to differentiate even more the Collins cocktails from others. It ended up being used worldwide in a lot of cocktails.

The Angostura Bitters story in Venezuelan history.

It was created in Venezuela in 1822. This great product was created as a tonic for curing stomach problems, due to its bitterness. Because of this, it was also great to treat several stomach issues caused by Cholera. Hiccups? Yes, that too.

This tonic was created by Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert, who served as a surgeon in Simon Bolivar’s Army. He studied some herbs, such as Gentian, that he combined with more than 25 botanic products that were available in Angostura.

Angostura Bitters won a medal at the Weltausstellung 1873 Wien (try saying it fast three times in a row). Because of this, the medal remains in the label, and shows the Emperor Franz Joseph 1 of Austria.

In 1875, the family moved to Trinidad in Tobago, where they established the family company again.

Common uses.

The Angostura Bitter has traveled a long way around the world just to be a part of a huge list of cocktails. And everyone loves them!

The most common ones are the Gunner, Lemon, Lime and bitters, Long Vodka, the Pisco Sour, the Fallen Angel and the Brandy Sour.

Some add it to soups and sauces in Venezuela, so it’s a great condiment too.

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Common uses.

You can use this glass to present a lot of cocktails! The ones that are commonly served in a Collins are the Snitch, the Paloma, the Tom Collins (and the Collins family) and much more.

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